ChaosLord is an enemy character which appeared in Digimon World 2. It resembles Machinedramon and Chaosdramon. ChaosLord appears as the Prince of Evil. He has never been defeated before. He hides in the corner of File Island, which the events of Digimon World take place on. ChaosLord commands the three Chaos Generals, who are ChaosBlackWarGreymon, ChaosMetalSeadramon, and ChaosPiedmon. His original plan was to destroy everyone in the world, including the Chaos Generals. He didn't ever realize someone could possibly anytime defeat him. Akira, the hero and main character of Digimon World 2 found his hideout. ChaosLord could be fought once Akira defeated Crimson, the leader of the Blood Knights, who was blocking the path. Akira swiftly made it through. And then, ChaosLord's death came. Later, Akira got to knew that ChaosLord was doing nothing of the actions on his own. OverLord GAIA was behind it all the long time.

Basically, ChaosLord was not a wild Digimon in the old days. After he got in contact with the "god", which is OverLord GAIA, this god-like being took the control.

ChaosLord has only one technique of his own. It's called Chaos Cannon, and it looks the same as Machinedramon's Giga Cannon. It takes 40 MP and can repeat often, in one turn. He also uses Dolphmon's technique, Pulse Blast. It lowers the enemy's attack power.

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