Japanese NameCoelamon(シーラモン)
Special TechniqueFossil Bite,
Ancient Bite

[edit] Description

Coelamon is a Champion level digimon. They are ancient fish digimon, who live in the dark depths of the sea. Their body is protected by hard scaly skin, and being ancient fish they possess a few of the Dinosaur Digimon attributes. They lunge at the opponent with a large set of sharp teeth for their special technique, a strong crunch attack called Ancient Bite.

[edit] Game Appearances

[edit] Digimon World

Coelamon is a playable character in this game and a recruitable digimon too. Coelamon digivolves from Betamon or Palmon.

By going to Coela Point and finding Coelamon, you are enabled to cross the water to Tropical Jungle. To get back to File City, you need to cross the Digimon Bridge which has been fixed miraculously by the time you head back.

To recruit him, go visit the Coela Point and approach Coelamon's shadow again once the bridge is fixed. He will automatically join the city then.

Coelamon runs the small item shop with Betamon.

Coelamon can digivolve to MegaSeadramon in this game, and it can also special digivole to Vademon.

When Coelamon has lived for 360 hours/15 days there is a 50% chance it will digivolve to Vademon.

[edit] Digimon World 3

Coelamon is an enemy digimon who can be fought at any area near the sea. Coelamon is also a blue coloured playable monster card in the Card Battle side quest.

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