Japanese Name
Special TechniqueSharp Ringer

Digivolution Line


Craniummon is one of the loyal Royal Knights. He is the closest member of the Royal Knights to King Drasil. He does anything and everything he says. He also fights Marcus and ShineGreymon many times in which he loses to them both times. He then realizes that Marcus is right and joins them in the dream of digimon and humans living peacefully together, and joins in the war, and struggle of saving both worlds.


  • Sharp Ringer: He rotates himself and his Dual Solar Spear creating a powerful shock wave.
  • God Breath: He uses his Omega Shield to create an all but impenetrable force field that protects himself from all attacks from all directions.

[edit] Anime Appearance

Craniummon appears in Digimon Data Squad. He fights Marcus and ShineGreymon two times because King Drasil tells him his plan is to destroy the human world to save the digital world. When he finally loses to Marcus and ShineGreymon he realizes that the dream of humans and digimon together is possible. He then takes BanchoLeomon place in holding the two worlds apart. When King Drasil appears and is attacking him for holding it the Royal Knights arrive and learn of King Drasil's real plan when they decide to help Craniummon hold the two worlds apart.

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