Crest of Courage

[edit] The Crest of Courage

The Crest of Courage was one of the 8 Crests that the 8 Digi-Destined of the First Season of Digimon needed. This Crest belonged to Tai. It was first found in Episode 15, "Etemon's Dark Network". It was first used in Episode 16, "The Arrival of Skull Greymon", when Tai used it wrongly, forcing Greymon to digivolve into an evil form, SkullGreymon. It was first correctly used in Episode 20, "The Earthquake of MetalGreymon", where Tai's courage to not give up and face Etemon for once and for all made Greymon digivolve into MetalGreymon, who defeated Etemon.

It was the first Crest found by the Digi-destined, found behind the waterfall near Koromon Village.

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