Crimson is one of the main enemies in Digimon World 2. He is the leader of the Blood Knights that Akira will fight at the somewhat beginning of the game. The Blood Knights attacked Digital City in hopes of conquering it, but they lost. Crimson managed to escape, and he later showed up with another army of Blood Knights. Akira defeated them all. Crimson planned together with ChaosLord and their master, OverLord GAIA. After Akira defeated a lot of the Blood Knights, Crimson was driven to File Island, and then back to Directory Continent. The last of his words came deep under the ground, where his hideout was. Akira found him. Crimson turned into a being called NeoCrimson and fought Akira. He lost. That was the end of Crimson.

[edit] NeoCrimson

NeoCrimson is a combination of the Chaos Digimon. He has a recoloured ChaosLord's head, cannons, and arm. His other arm is ChaosWarGreymon's, as well as the shield on his back. He also has the body of ChaosBlackWarGreymon. NeoCrimson has ChaosMetalSeadramon's tail. The ribbons are from ChaosPiedmon.

[edit] NeoCrimson techniques

NeoCrimson uses three techniques in Digimon World 2. He uses Blind Attack, his own, which can hit anyone in the battle. Even himself. He also uses GigaScissorClaw, HerculesKabuterimon's attack, and Fungus Cruncher, Mushroomon's technique.


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