Desert Oasis

Essentially an introductory track, Desert Oasis is full of long bends, good straightaways and easy turns.

Step Into The Light: The sand in this level comes in different shades. As a general rule, the lighter the sand is, the faster you can move on it (it may not sound logical, but it happens on this track).

Do Not Feed The Sand: The dark sand, in and of itself, is not dangerous. However, the swirling sandpits will suck you in and spit you out again if you drive over them.

Engines And Water Don't Mix: The water in this level is hazardous. While the shallow light blue water is relatively safe to drive on, the deep dark water will cause you to go splash in a very big way.

SHORTCUT 1: After the fourth corner, boost over to the island in the middle of the water to save yourself a bit of time.

SHORTCUT 2: There is a colossal shortcut on this track for those willing to take it. After the fourth corner, the track begins to bend around the the left again. Don't follow it if you want to take the shortcut. Instead, pull very slightly to face the right, boost, and jump over the water. Aim for the Digivolution Zone across the water. You may have to endure 'Wrong Way' signals, but it's worth it!

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