Digi-Spirit (スピリット "Spirit"), or simply Spirit, refers to the relics that hold the power of the Ten Legendary Warriors that had fought Lucemon in the past and sealed it away. Each legendary warrior is held in two relics, coming at a total of twenty (20). Until the events of Digimon Frontier, the three angels of light held the power of the Spirits.


[edit] Classification

[edit] By warrior/element

Each warrior represents one of ten possible elements. By extension, exactly two Spirits share the same element and related warrior. The distribution is as follows:

[edit] By nature

For each element, there are two Spirits; they represent the human side and the beast side of each warrior. Human spirits are commonly named H-Spirits and beast spirits are labeled as B-Spirits. The properties of a Spirit upon use may vary depending on whether the Spirit was an H-Spirit or a B-Spirit. B-Spirits usually contain more power than H-Spirits, but they are also harder to manipulate.

[edit] By guardian angel

Until the events of Digimon Frontier, the Spirits were under exclusive control of the three greater angels Cherubimon, Seraphimon and Ophanimon. The Spirits were controlled in 4-6-10 batches, Cherubimon being in control of the most spirits, and Seraphimon the least. The Spirit distribution is as follows:

[edit] Uses

[edit] As tools for evolution

Each of the twenty Spirits can be used by an entity in order to evolve into an embodiment of one of the ten legendary warriors. regardless of the nature of said entity. The appearance and properties of the evolution may vary depending on whether an H-Spirit or a B-Spirit was used. This process is known as Spirit Evolution (スピリットエボルsヒョン "Spirit Evolution"), regardless of the type of spirit that was used.

Spirits of the same element have been observed to react with each other. Under special circumstances, a single entity can evolve through the use of two Spirits of the same element at the same time. This process results in a hybrid Digimon whose characteristics are not exactly human, but are anthropomorphic enough to not be called beast-like. This process is known as Double Spirit Evolution or Fusion Evolution (ドブラスピリットエボルsヒョン "Double Spirit Evolution").

Additionally to the previous process, batches of ten spirits are known to react with each other, producing an unstable, yet powerful evolution, when used together to trigger an evolution. The form of the resulting hybrid depends on the "dominant" element, or the element of the Spirit that triggered the evolution. This process is mostly known as Unified Spirit Evolution or Hyper Spirit Evolution (ハイパースピリットエボルsヒョン "Hyper Spirit Evolution").

On certain situations, the whole twenty Spirits are known to react with each other, producing a single entity of immense power. This process is known as Ancient Spirit Evolution (エンシェントスピリットエボルsヒョン "Ancient Spirit Evolution") The resulting hybrid becomes so unstable it is usually unsustainable for a single entity. The least number of entities known to be able to successfully sustain an Ancient Spirit Evolution is five, all of which were human children. As Ancient Spirit Evolution has only been observed successfully once, it is currently unknown what factors may influence the stability of the resulting hybrid.

Both Digimon and humans have been observed as evolving through use of the Spirirts, and the type of entity performing the evolution does not seem to alter the end result of the Hybrid Digimon. Additionally, different species of Digimon may evolve into the same Hybrid Digimon if using the same Spirit. Possession of Spirits seems to be intrinsic; Digimon may gain possession of a Spirit by assimilating it into their own core, and humans can use D-Tectors in order to contain their own Spirits. Under both circumstances, the Spirit needs to maintain contact with the entity's Digi-Code in order to trigger the associated evolution.

The following evolutions have been noted to occur through the use of Spirirts:

[edit] Spirit Evolution
[edit] Double Spirit Evolution
[edit] Hyper Spirit Evolution
  • EmperorGreymon through the spirits of Fire, Ice, Wind, Wood and Earth.
  • MagnaGarurumon through the spirits of Light, Water, Thunder, Darkness and Steel
[edit] Ancient Spirit Evolution
  • Susanoomon through the spirits of Fire, Ice, Wind, Wood, Earth, Light, Water, Thunder, Darkness and Steel.

[edit] As sentient weapons

A sufficiently powerful entity can reanimate the Spirits without having necessarily to evolve through them. In this case, they would take the relic they're sealed in as their core, and they would also develop a Digi-Code of their own. In addition, at least H-Spirits are known to be partially sentient and easily manipulable. These characteristics make them adept for use as sentient weapons. Only H-Spirits have been seen as able to be reanimated, though once reanimated, they can evolve to their respective beast form if they possess the B-Spirit corresponding with their element. The previous process is known as Slide Evolution (スライドエボルsヒョン "Slide Evolution"). Even though reanimated H-Spirits know about the existence of their respective B-Spirits, they ignore which Digimon they will transform into until they perform Slide Evolution with it. This points towards them losing their memories if they lose their control of their form. Out of the ten H-Spirits, only the earth, water, steel and wood Spirits are known to have been reanimated at least once. The darkness Spirit has been reanimated using a human soul as a proxy, instead of being reanimated through its relic, and took a different form form the one observed when a human evolves through the Spirit. It is currently unknown whether or not this has to do with the Spirit possessing the human soul instead of the human possessing the Spirit.

Reanimated Spirits can be forced into a dormant stage if they lose control of their Digi-Code. This may be achieved through normal means, such as effectively killing the warrior or through a human capturing their Digi-Code with a D-Tector. The later method would capture the Spirit within the D-Tector, making the owner of the Digivice the owner of said Spirit. Destroying the Digi-Code does not seem to destroy the spirit. In addition, reanimated Spirits do not spawn Digitama if they are killed, as would happen with any other Digimon; they revert into the relic that contains the Spirit instead.

As for now, it is unknown if reanimated Spirits can perform Double Spirit Evolution on their own. It is also unknown whether or not they can or are readily willing to perform Hyper Spirit Evolution or Ancient Spirit Evolution either on their own or by fusing with other Digimon or Humans. Reanimated Spirits have been observed as honestly disgusted by the existence of entities that evolve through the use of other dormant Spirits, but it is unknown if this hatred is inherent or if those feelings had been implanted by their controller at the time.

[edit] Anime Appearances

[edit] Digimon Frontier

Spirits are a main plot point for most of the season. Cherubimon reanimated the five Spirits under its jurisdiction and organized a rebellion towards the other angels of light. Cherubimon aimed for the control of the Digital World by the beast-like Digimon, and tried to neutralize the human-like Digimon's most powerful offense by murdering both Seraphimon and Ophanimon and taking over their Spirits. Seraphimon was trapped in a crystal coffin, and its Spirits were taken over by Ophanimon, who, fearing of her to be found and murdered, hid the spirits and sent a distress call to the human world in search for children suitable for finding and using the remaining Spirits against Cherubimon and his reanimated Spirits. The children were successful in finding Ophanimon's relics and capturing the Digi-Code of the reanimated Spirits, not without being forced to revert Seraphimon to a Digitama after he was corrupted by the Spirit of Steel in the form of Mercurymon into BlackSeraphimon. The children kept using the three angels' Spirits in order to stop Lucemon's resurrection and subsequent destruction of both the human world and the Digital World. Though the children failed in stopping Lucemon's revival, they were successful in beating him in battle through the use of Ancient Spirit Evolution.

[edit] Digimon Xros Wars: The Young Hunters who Leapt Through Time

Takuya Kanbara makes a cameo appearance in Digimon Xros Wars. He performs Double Spirit Evolution to battle the enemy. Later in the episode, Tomoki Himi in the form of Kumamon announces him that he has "gathered everyone", four orbs of light following him, and proceed to perform Ancient Spirit Evolution with them.

[edit] Game appearances

[edit] Digimon World 3 and Digimon World 2003

Both Agunimon and KendoGarurumon are attainable exclusively through jogress evolution in the game. They cannot be obtained as playable Digimon.

[edit] Digimon Battle Spirit 2

H-Spirit Digimon appear as playable characters in this game. They can perform Slide Evolution and, given certain circumstances, can transform into the ancient Digimon their Spirit holds the power of.

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