Digimon Battle Spirit 1.5

Digimon Battle Spirit 1.5 is a remake of Digimon Battle Spirit.

Battle Spirit 1.5 Box Art

Digimon Tamers: Battle Spirit Ver. 1.5 is an extended version to Digimon: Battle Spirit. Released exclusively for Japan for the WonderSwan Color handheld console.

This extended game had a few extra characters, stages, and a different opening scene.

[edit] New Digimon

Included were all the original characters from the first version all playable from the start excluding Impmon. Two new characters were added, Patamon with the Mega form being Seraphimon and Gatomon with the Mega form being Ophanimon. Among the unlockable characters was another Guilmon, which is an extra as are the three Agumons. This new Guilomon's Mega form was Gallantmon Crimson Mode. Impmon was on the original as well as an unlockable and returned as an unlockable on version 1.5, though he was different. His Mega form was now Beelzemon Blast Mode. Also as a new boss character was ZeedMillenniummon which was a second final boss, immediately after Millenniummon. The way to fight him to not lose once on normal or higher difficulty.

[edit] New Stages

Two new stages were included into the game to be exhibit Patamon and Gatomon's character. Patamon's stage was in a train on which either side of stage were vents. The vents were similar to the trampoline in Terriermon's level which is also in the original. DemiDevimon can be seen flying above the fighter constantly during the match. Gatomon's stage was a waterfall where the digimon fight beside the waterfall. Makuramon can be seen around the bushes at times and a Gotsumon can be seen rolling down the mountain. Along with a new Mega, Impmon also received his own stage. It appears to be a data space similar to one of the digimon movies. On both sides of the stage tv screens are lined with pictures of Impmon. The suction effect is automatically on in this stage which give data to Impmon.

[edit] Opening Video

Battle Spirit 1.5 has a similar opening video to that of the original but was lengthened to show the new charaters, Patamon and Gatomon as well as the new Mega stages. Along with that Beelzemon Blast Mode is shown darkened standing with Impmon and Millenniummon off to the side at one point. A series of duels is then shown:

Gallantmon vs. Omnimon
MegaGargomon vs. Cherubimon
Gallantmon Crimson Mode vs. Beelzemon Blast Mode
BlackWarGreymon vs. WarGreymon
Seraphimon vs. Ophanimon

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