Digimon Racing Boss Races

Digimon Racing features three big bad bosses which will try to stand in your way. Each one has a weakness, and you must work this out in order to beat them within the time limit.

[edit] Diaboromon

Location: Digital Space
Attack: Web Wrecker
Time Limit: 1:30

Diaboromon's arena is again a large square platform, this time with many red pads around the sides. These pads will decrease your Digivolution Energy if you touch them, but to get the Items needed to fire at Diaboromon, you need to hop over them. There are also two light pads in the arena surrounded by poles, which will protect you from Diaboromon's attacks. Diaboromon's Web Wrecker is very similar to Omnimon's Supreme Cannon, but Diaboromon has another trick up his long, flailing sleeves. He will teleport to a different location in the arena after a few attacks, meaning that you have to stay alert and listen to the sound effects to avoid his attacks. Three hits while he stops to rest will defeat him.

[edit] MaloMyotismon

Location: Deep Jungle
Attack: Screaming Darkness
Time Limit: 1:30

MaloMyotismon is the final boss, and he is difficult. The arena this time is not a nice, simple square shape, and instead is a maze of walls. You start off in the lower-right corner of the map, and you reach MaloMyotismon, you have to work your way to the upper-left. From there, you can drive through a gap to reach the central part of the maze, where MaloMyotismon is located. Easy enough, isn't it? Wrong! Not only do you have water and difficult terrain to contend with, you also have to avoid MaloMyotismon's Screaming Darkness attacks. If one hits you (and he fires two at a time!), you will immediately warp back to the beginning of the maze. If you don't want to have to run the gauntlet more than once, avoid these attacks as best you can. When you eventually reach MaloMyotismon, standard boss strategies apply. It's essentially a case of avoiding his Screaming Darkness attacks and waiting until he stops to catch his breath, then firing at him. Three hits will see him off.

[edit] Omnimon

Location: The Factory
Attack: Supreme Cannon
Time Limit: 1:15

Omnimon's arena consists of a large square platform, with a low wall in each corner. You can hide behind these walls to avoid Omnimon's attacks, as well as build up your Digivolution Gauge using the Digivolution Pads. There are four moving conveyor belts in the arena, all moving in Omnimon's direction, which produce Items from time to time. Omnimon will start the fight by firing off his Supreme Cannon attack. To avoid this, stay to the edges of the arena, but try to grab a weapon from the moving conveyor belts if you can. Starting a power slide just as Omnimon fires can help you to get out of the way. If he hits you, you will lose Digivolution Energy and be frozen for a couple of seconds. After two of these attacks, Omnimon will stop to rest (listen carefully and you can hear him breathing when he does this). Face him directly, and fire a weapon at him. If you try to hit him more than once, unless you are VERY quick, he will simply deflect the second attack and resume attacking you. Omnimon now starts using three Supreme Cannon attacks before stopping to catch his breath. Two more hits will defeat him, but remember that you don't have long.

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