Digimon World

Digimon World
Release date(s)North America: May 24, 2000

Europe: July 6, 2001

Japan: January 28, 1999
Genre(s)Fantasy Role Playing
Available onPSX

Digimon World is the first Digimon game to have been released in Europe and North America. The game follows a Digimon Tamer called Hiro (although he is unnamed in the European and North American versions of the game), who comes home one day to find nobody inside. His Digivice toy starts acting strangely and he is transported to the Digital World by the wise old Digimon, Jijimon, to uncover the cause of the Digimon suddenly leaving File City and why they have become feral. Hiro explores File Island with his partner Digimon to track down the former residents of the city and persuade them to return, while solving the mystery of why it happened in the first place.

[edit] Obtainable Digimon

[edit] Baby Digimon

[edit] In-Training Digimon

[edit] Rookie Digimon

[edit] Champion Digimon

[edit] Ultimate Digimon

Highlighted Digimon were later reclassified as Mega. (cheat) indicates that the Digimon is only available through the use of a cheat device.

[edit] File City

You will find out about everything that can be done while in File City such as what the buildings do.

Prosperity Points: Recruiting digimon will get you prosperity points. Any rookie digimon that goes to File City gives you one point. Champion digimon give you two points and Ultimates give you three points. There area a few champions however that are almost useless to the city so they only get one points of prosperity for you. These points are useful for unlocking things and they help you get further in the game.

[edit] Recruitment Digimon

[edit] Shops & Buildings

[edit] Items

Main article: Digimon World Items

[edit] Arena Tournaments

[edit] Guides & Walkthroughs

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