Digimon World: Dawn Tips & Tricks

Tips & Tricks for Digimon World: Dawn.


[edit] Faster Day Cycle

To get through farm days faster, put only one Digimon in your farm island. Not just one on each, but like you have four farm islands, so you would put one Digimon on one island. Then, the Digimon will start doing independent training, making the farm day go by faster.

[edit] Finding Your Friend Code

You have to connect to the Internet within the game first before you can get your friend code. To do that, go to the Digi-colosseum and choose one of the the online options (Friend Matching, Random Matching, Friend Battle). After you connect and are searching you can disconnect and should be able to confirm your friend code from the main menu.

[edit] Gaia Origin Battles

1) Duftmon + Sleipmon
2) Apocalymon
3) Susanoomon
4) ZeedMilleniummon
5) Alphamon + Omnimon
6) Beelzemon Blast Mode
7) Gallantmon Crimson Mode

[edit] Hatching Eggs - getting what you want

You know when you have eggs like the Oriental Egg that hatch into more than one digimon? Well, when the egg was ready to hatch, save and hatched the egg until you get what you want (keep using soft reset).

[edit] Legend Tamer Union Quest

Requirements: - Beat Gaia Origin Challenge - Platinum Tamer - Communicated via WiFi or Wireless at least once

[edit] Level Cap Gain through Degeneration

FromToAptitude (Level) Gain

[edit] Personalities

Did you know? Digimon's personality changes when it degenerates/digivolves. It also changes when you digiconvert the digimon - This comes in handy when you need to get a digimon with specific personality. Just digiconvert the digimon in the Digilab. If it's not the right personality, either delete it or soft reset, then digiconvert it again.

[edit] Proxy Island Union Quest Training Tip

Here's a way to get massive experience during the Proxy Island Union Quest. Take any Digimon you want masses of experience for, but have at least three strong ones in the main slots. Any remaining slots should be occupied by weaker Digimon. Now, go to Proxy Island and fight every random battle on the way to the bosses. Defeat Gaiomon for 9,400 Dragon EXP, then let GranDracmon defeat you. This resets the Gaiomon fight, so you can do it again. Happiness wil be lowered, though, but if you finish every random battle on the way to Gaiomon, you can hopefully get it back before you get to Gaiomon again.

[edit] Soft Reset Sequence

Hold down L + R + Select + Start

[edit] Stats Training

It's best to degenerate/digivolve at higher levels when you're doing stat-training. This way, you can gain more stats per degeneration/digivolution.

[edit] Unlocking Shadow Abyss in Dawn

Have Lazy Megiddramon in your farm, then go to the Dragon Species counter in Shine Center to activate the quest.
Have Cool Vikemon in your farm, then go to the Aquan Species counter in Shine Center to activate the quest. Either of the above will unlock Shadow Abyss.

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