Digimon World 2003

Digimon World 2003
Release date(s)Europe: 29/11/02
Genre(s)Fantasy Role Playing
Available onPSX

Digimon World 2003 is the European version of the game called Digimon World 3 in Japan and North America. Aside from additional language options, the game is virtually identical to the American version for the most part. The biggest difference between 2003 and the American version is that 2003, as with the original Japanese version, allows the player to vist a BETA version of the Amaterasu Server and challenge the four real Amaterasu Leaders and the Server Champ.

[edit] Card Battle

[edit] Side Quests

[edit] The Black Digimon

There are six Black Digimon in the Amaterasu Server. You can fight them in any order. Defeating each individual Digimon gets you a great item of equipment.

[edit] Guides & Walkthroughs

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