Digimon World 3

This article is about the North American and Japanese versions of the game. For the European version, please see Digimon World 2003.

Digimon World 3
Release date(s)North America: 6/6/02

Europe: 11/29/02 (Digimon World 2003) Japan: 7/4/02

Australia: N/A (Digimon World 2003)
Genre(s)Fantasy Role Playing
Available onPSX

Digimon World 3 is the third game of the series on the PSX. The game lets you control a team of three Digimon. Choose from the first season through the third season with a few from the fourth season. Train over 50 different Digimon and digivolutions. Customize your Digimon troops, and choose when to digivolve during battles to gain strategic superiority. Make use of DNA and Blast Digivolving to even the odds.

There is a unique digimon you can find only in this game, and that is Cardmon.

[edit] Story

Play as a character known as Junior. As Junior you enter a virtual world where the digimon are real. However an attack on the world traps you in the world and you are the only one who can stop the enemies.

[edit] Features

  • As seen on TV!
  • Featuring your favorite Digimon from all 3 seasons (and sneak peek at some from Season 4)
  • 24 Original Digimon brought to life just for Digimon World 3!
  • Magnificent, entrancing storyline crosses over between the real world and the digital world!
  • Blast Digivolve when your Digimon are on their last legs and make an amazing turn-around!
  • Customize your Digimon troops, and choose when to digivolve during battles to gain strategic superiority!
  • Learn Digivolving Techniques of your Digimon mates!
  • Collect rare items and weapons to strengthen your Digimon and prepare them for battle!
  • Enjoy the difficult but excitable card battle side quest!

[edit] Partner Digimon

[edit] Other Partner Digimon

A list of the digimon who your rookie partners can digivolve into throughout the game.

Note: Digimon marked with an asterisk ("*") symbol can only be acquired through DNA Digivolution.




[edit] DRI Agents

To get a new Rookie Digimon, you'll need "DDNA" (that's "Digital DeoxyriboNucleic Acid" if you want to get technical). When you talk to a DRI agent, he or she will ask you to get DDNA from the Ultimate form of the Digimon. Defeat the Ultimate and get the DDNA. Return the DDNA to the DRI Agent and he will add the Digimon to your team at the Piximon or Dr. Kadomatsu Lab where you switch as usual.

DigimonUltimateTeam LevelDRI Agent LocationUltimate Location
AgumonMetalGreymon30-59Tyranno ValleyBulk Swamp
GuilmonWarGrowlmon30-59Seiryu CityEther Jungle
KotemonKyukimon60-89Mobius DesertSuzaku UG Lake
KumamonGrapLeomon60-89Mobius DesertEther Jungle (Secret Area)*
MonmonArmormon60-89Mobius DesertDuel Island
PatamonMagnaAngemon45-74Central ParkSouth Badlands
RenamonTaomon45-74Central ParkNorth Badlands West
VeemonPaildramon1-29Protocol RuinsBulk Bridge

* To get to him, call Submarimon in Phoenix Bay and surface at the harbour to the west.

[edit] Card Battle

[edit] Side Quests

[edit] The Black Digimon

There are six Black Digimon in the Amaterasu Server. You can fight them in any order. Defeating each individual Digimon gets you a great item of equipment.

[edit] Guides & Walkthroughs

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