Digimon World 4

Release date(s)North America: May 31, 2005

Europe: September 2, 2005

Japan: January 6, 2005
Genre(s)Fantasy Role Playing
Available onPS2, GC (US and Japan only), Xbox

Digimon World 4 was released for the PlayStation 2, XBox and, in Japan and North America, the GameCube. It allows the player to assume the role of a Digimon recruit to the Digital Security Guard, with an assignment to investigate a sudden virus outbreak on another server.

[edit] Story

Four new members of D.S.G (Digital Security Guard) are Veemon, Agumon, Guilmon, and Dorumon. They are needed to find out what has happened to the Yamato Server and what the new Doom Server is.

Based on the movie Digital Monster X-Evolution, the digimon become infected with the "X-Virus" and you must help them.

[edit] Features

  • Play as the most popular Digimon from the TV series!
  • Action and adventure – Digimon-style for up to 4 players!
  • Featuring a new enhanced battle system, with real-time battles.
  • Unlock special Digivolved Digimon by mastering skills and technique

[edit] Playable Digimon

  • Veemon, is an Energetic Digimon who specializes in Electric based MP attacks, Veemon is not very good with ranged attack so it is reccommended that he use a sword weapon.
  • Dorumon, is a Proto-type Digimon who was created for experiments. Dorumon is a Digimon who specializes in Ice based MP attacks. He also is excellent with Bashing type weapons.
  • Guilmon, is a Digimon who likes to fight and specializes in Fire based MP attacks. He has an advantage with dagger type weapons because he excels in stabbing.
  • Agumon, is a dinosaur like Digimon, he, like Guilmon, specializes in Fire based MP attacks. But unlike Guilmon Agumon is best with Axe based weapons.

[edit] Enemy Digimon

Main article: Enemy Digimon

[edit] Extra Missions

Main article: Extra Missions

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