Digimon World 4 Enemies

Enemy Digimon of Digimon World 4.


[edit] Boss Digimon

The Recommended Level displays the Level range which you should be looking at for taking on a particular Boss Digimon in the first run through the game, and in Hard Mode. So, if a Boss' information displays "15-17 / 48-53", that means that you should be at around Level 15 to 17 on your first run through the game, and you should be at around Level 48 to 53 in Hard Mode.

[edit] Blossomon

Location: Humid Cave
Recommended Level: 3-5 / 42-45
Blossomon is definitely best fought with distanced Weapons! Although she isn't particularly quick on her feet/roots, her attacks are VERY powerful at this point in the game. Her primary attack is to whack you with her tendrils. This is fairly easily avoided by remaining at a distance from her. Her other attack is to extend her tendrils and spin around like a tornado, striking you with extremely powerful force if she hits you. She may take some time to defeat, but keep at it, and use any opportunities when she falls to the floor and screeches to get into a good position from which to attack her as soon as she is vulnerable again. The best place to stand in this battle is probably directly in front of her; at least then you don't have to worry about her slapping you with her tendrils as she turns around to face you...

[edit] Mammothmon

Location: Cliff Dungeon
Recommended Level: 5-7 / 43-47
Before I go any further with this strategy, just in case you've already entered the Boss' Arena...GET OUT OF THE WAY!!! Run Northward Or Southward! Seriously! If he rushes at you, he is quite capable of finishing you off in a single charge! Avoided that? Good. Now, on to the battle strategy. Mammothmon will use two attacks. His main attack is to roar, and then charge at you. Running out of the way of his charge attack (at that kind of speed and power, he cannot turn very much!) will keep you safe. Interestingly enough, he will also get himself stuck on the wall for a very brief interval. When this happens, attack him! Attack him from the rear with distanced Weapons is probably the best strategy. His second attack will only be used if you are standing anywhere close to him when he releases himself from the Arena's circular wall. It basically involves him directing a blast of icy breath with his trunk. This can actually freeze your Digimon for a few seconds, so be extremely careful here. He should be defeated after using the strategy of attacking him when he is attempting to release himself from the wall a few times.

[edit] Mecha Rogue Delta-04

Location: Goblin Fortress
Recommended Level: 9-12 / 44-48
Unlike in the previous two Boss Battles, you don't get a nice, big, circular arena here. Instead, you get a laboratory consisting of a rectangular platform at the entrance, and a pair of larger square- shaped platforms in the centre, and a fairly narrow walkway connecting them. Brilliant... Still, at least Mecha Rogue Delta-04 doesn't crowd the "Arena" too much. It will stand on the floor, walk a few paces and execute a few minor slashing attacks, then take off into the air. While it is in the air, it is not only very difficult to hit much...it also has an attack which it can execute after circling around you a few times. The quickest way to defeat it is to run up to it and slash away with a Weapon to keep it on the floor (it should just repeat its slashing attack cycle as opposed to actually taking off), but the safest way is to stand back and defeat it slowly with distanced Weapons.

[edit] Apokarimon

Location: Apokarimon Space (Doom Dome Core)
Recommended Level: 15-17 / 48-53
The first "proper" Boss of the game, Apokarimon is quite a challenge until you know what you're doing here. Apokarimon will sit on top of his big, purple satellite thing, protected by an Energy Grid which extends across the top of the satellite. This energy grid will prevent you from jumping up to the top of the satellite, which is the only location from which Apokarimon can be harmed. There are also Energy Grids protecting the yellow ports on the sides of the satellite, so avoid falling onto them. Apokarimon's Wind Blasts will attempt to push you onto these ports, so push toward Apokarimon as soon as he initiates this attack. Note that you cannot actually fall off the purple satellite entirely, however. The Meteor Shower is sometimes difficult to avoid, but it generally does mild damage at the maximum. Apokarimon's Tentacle Strikes are quite annoying, as they come in and move out again quite quickly, can be rather difficult to avoid, and attack every few seconds until the Energy Grid on the top of the satellite is de-activated. Your first objective in this battle is to simply survive Apokarimon's attacks, as you destroy the five spiked objects surrounding the top of the satellite. Spin Attacks can hit twice, or potentially even three times, per attack, so use them to destroy these spiked objects. Once all five of them are destroyed, Apokarimon will rise up and begin to hover around the top of his satellite. Jump up and begin to hack/slash/slam/shoot/stab/hammer away at him with whatever your most powerful available Weapon is. Spin Attacks may be effective if you are using Shot Weapons, along with ranged attacks. In fact, Shot Weapons are probably your safest bet against Apokarimon, since Apokarimon's Energy Blast attacks have a relatively large range, and are capable of knocking you off the top of the satellite.

[edit] SkullGreymon

Recommended Level:22-23/51-54 This is Very Easy if you have the Heal MP Move. Dont worry, if he charges use the Heal MP Move. Spam your MP skills until you finished and keep using the MP Healer. Avoiding his missile will keep you safe, and the best option will be range weapons.

[edit] Scorpiomon

[edit] MaloMyotismon

[edit] ShogunGekomon

[edit] Mecha Rogue Delta 04 x3

[edit] Diaboromon

[edit] Lucemon

[edit] Mecha Rogue Epsilon 05

[edit] LordKnightmon

[edit] Mecha Rogue X Form 1

[edit] Mecha Rogue X Form 2

[edit] Mecha Rogue X Final Form

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