Digimon World 4 Extra Missions

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[edit] Legendary Colosseum

Digi-Elf Location: On the far left side of the Central Area, opposite the Data Keeper Requirements: Must have completed the Virus Lab. You must speak to the Digi-Elf several times to receive the Mission Assignment.
Objective: Defeat SkullGreymon in a three-round match.
Time Limit: None,
Boss Digimon: SkullGreymon,
Location: First, use the Main Terminal to reach Dry Land. Proceed west through Mummy Desert and into Grief Wasteland. Continue through Grief Wasteland until you reach the area in which the SECOND group of Mecha Rogue Beta-02s re spawn. Head up the ramp to their level, and head towards their obelisk. Pass the obelisk and double-back to the right, and activate the switch. Run South and jump off the ledge, then head back to the East until you reach the area with the metal walkways which were previously blocked by a gap. Cross the new bridge and defeat the two Mummymon, and drop down onto the arena below. Four Mummymon will spawn, as will two Tyrannomon when they are defeated. Defeat them all, and proceed to the next arena to fight the same opponents. Head round the bend and fight four more Mummymon and an Arukenimon. The next two arenas have four Mummymon and two Tyrannomon; however, if the Legendary Colosseum is accessible, you can cross the bridge behind this current arena to reach it.
Strategies: Basically, just defeat SkullGreymon three times. He is slightly more difficult than during the first encounter; however, he is not too difficult to defeat. When he is defeated, warp back to the Terminal Area, proceed to the Central Area, and speak to the Digi-Elf again to complete the Mission Assignment!

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