Digimon World Beginner's Guide

This article refers to Digimon World.

Here you can find out how to do the basic things when you are just starting out the game.


[edit] Battle Tips

During a battle there are many commands you can perform that will have your digimon do something different and they are:

Auto: With auto you can select what you want your digimon to do automatically and it will be preselected for future battles.

Attack: With the attack command you can attack the selected opponent with a selected attack. This command requires 100 brainpower.

Moderate: Moderate allows you to attack with either calm, run and attack, or just run away. The command requires 200 brainpower.

Distance: The distance command moves your digimon away from the opponent and can also defend your digimon. This requires 300 brainpower.

Change Target: If there are multiple targets during the battle this command lets you pick who you want to attack. To change opponents you require 300 brainpower.

Defend: If you select defend it will make your digimon automatically defend against the opponents next attack. This requires 400 brainpower.

Enabled Tech: Select which attack you want to use manually, this is helpful if you perhaps want to make the opponent poisoned instead of depleting the HP. This requires 500 brainpower.

Run Away: This command does not require brainpower. If you use this command you will automatically leave the battle. You can not perform the command during boss battles though.

  • Note: Brainpower is learned by winning and training your digimon.

[edit] Finishing Moves

Using the finishing move of a digimon will come in very hand one many occasions and you will see why here.

The finishing move is the strongest attack any digimon has and all of them have one. The higher the level a digimon is the stronger it will be. Example: Agumon's Pepper Breath is weaker than Greymon's Mega Flame.

[edit] Basics

When you have filled up your finishing meter by performing regular attack on the opponent and once you use it you have to press the Square button, and a wall will surround your digimon. A great time to use the move is when the opponent has just attacked you since he is near you and will do more damage.

[edit] Charging a Finishing Move

When the yellow wall surrounds your digimon one thing you should do is press the L1 and R1 buttons rapidly to charge up your finishing move. This will fill up the meter above the digimon and when the attack is performed it will be considerably stronger.

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