Digimon World Buildings

Shops & Buildings in Digimon World.


[edit] Centar Clinic

  • Preconditions: Recruit Centarumon
  • Location: South-west area of Central File City

The clinic is where you go if your digimon is injured or sick. If you don't have enough BITs o pay him, he will be nice sometimes and you'll pay him what you have.

[edit] Staff

  • Centarumon: Sells medicinal Items and helps to cure Digimon
  • Coelamon: Gives useful advice. Only appears when the Item Shop is created.

Centaru Clinic is File Island's central hospital. The owner, Centarumon (yes, the Digimon who was previously blasting you with his sniper rifle), sells medicinal Items and also helps to cure Digimon.

[edit] Greymon's Arena

  • Preconditions: Recruit Greymon
  • Location: South-eastern section of Central File City

After your unbelievably hard fight against Greymon, he opens up a battle arena in the south-east corner of Central File City. In this arena, you can select a tournament in which to enter your Digimon. For a full list of tournaments and other information, please see the section entitled 'The Arena'.

[edit] Staff

  • Greymon (Organises tournaments)
  • Airdramon (runs a fortune-telling business)
  • MetalGreymon (comes up with nicknames for your Digimon, and occasionally does Greymon's job)
  • Penguinmon (opens a Curling game downstairs)
  • MetalMamemon (works in the Curling game)

The Curling mini-game is very similar to the one which you play to recruit Penguinmon in Freezeland. You can only play this mini-game if you have BOTH Greymon and Penguinmon Recruited. Once you have Recruited Metal Mamemon, he becomes an additional opponent in the Curling Ring, who randomly appears. He is much harder to beat than Penguinmon, but his prizes are much more valuable. The price for entering a match against either Digimon is one fish of any type.

[edit] Item Keeper

  • Preconditions: Recruit Agumon
  • Location: Northern File City, next to Jijimon's House

The Item Keeper is the first shop which you will open. Here, Agumon will store up to 99 item slots for you. However, you can store up to 99 of the same Item in each slot. So for instance, 10 Meats + 5 DigiMushrooms = 2 slots, not 15 slots. This means that you can theoretically store up to 9,801 Items in total.

[edit] Staff

  • Agumon: Runs the Item Keeper
  • Nanimon: Doesn't appear to have any particular job of any sort

To store or withdraw Items, simply speak to Agumon. This is a great place to store Items which you won't need in the immediate future (Parameter Chips, highly potent Floppies, Digivolution Items, certain types of medicinal items, etc.), freeing up space in your backpack.

Note: The building is there right from the start. However, it only becomes functional when Agumon is recruited.

[edit] Birdra Transport

When you recruit Birdramon after your battle at the summit of the Great Canyon, she opens Birdra Transport opposite Jijimon's House in File City. For a fairly reasonable price in BITS, you can instantly fly to various locations in the game. Be aware, however, that is is a one-way flight, so to get back, you'll either have to walk, teleport back as a result of being deefated or fading away or use an Auto-Pilot.

Be Warned: If you fly to Freezeland, the Ancient Dino Region and possibly Gear Savanna, you might immediately have to run to avoid an enemy encounter!

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