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This article refers to Digimon World.

Every once in a while our digimon will get a "bubble" above his head. Each one indicates something different here you can see what they are.

Meat: The meat sign mean your digimon wants food. You can feed it any knid of fish, a digi-mushroom, sirloins, meat, or giant meat. Depending on what kind of food they were given they will be either full or still hungry. For example giving them a sirloin will have a higher chance of making them full than a giant meat will. If your digimon does a taunt after being fed it is full, if the sign remains it is still hungry.

Poop: The weird looking swirly thing means your digimon must poop. Find the closest toilet and take him to it. You can also let him go on the spot but that is inadvisable because if it happens the virus gauge will start to fill up and once it is full the digimon will go into Sukamon no matter what. It is also a smart idea to carry around porta potties for the trainer on the go.

ZZZ: The 3 z's mean that your digimon is tired. To let it go to sleep press the triangle button to go to the menu and select sleep. While your digimon sleep you can save your game.

Sweat: When the sign shows some water drop it means your digimon is tired. It also means you have overworked him weather it be in battles or during training. If you let your digimon get to tired it's happiness goes down along with the life span of the digimon. Be sure to let it rest and feed it. If you train your digimon while it is tired the stats trained only go up by one and the happiness and life span go down even quicker.

Band Aid: At times your digimon will get a band aid above it's head. This means it finished a battle with low HP. If it in this state give your digimon medicine, a band aid or take it to a Centarumon to heal it.

Needle: If your digimon ever gets to this state act quickly! This occurs if you do not feed, let sleep, or give breaks to your digimon. If not acted upon your digimon will die early. Taking it to Centarumon is always the best thing to do in this situation.

Figure: This figure means your digimon is ready to digivolve and will in a short while.

In general, they should be addressed in this order:

  • Toilet
  • Wound/Illness
  • Hunger
  • Tiredness (ignore if Digimon is also sleepy)
  • Sleep

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