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This article refers to Digimon World.

Each Digimon must be taken care of to survive, level, and in special case digivolution line. Here you will find tips on how to care for them and how to get them to level into a specific Digimon.

[edit] Training

While in File City you are most likely to spend your time at the Green Gym leveling your Digimon. There you will be able to train their stats and if you train them hard enough you will possibly be able to make them into a strong ultimate. To view the full list of options while in the Green Gym Click here.

[edit] Care

While you train your Digimon you MUST pay attention to the bubbles they get about their head, these will indicate any sickness, hunger, etc. To view the full list click here.

[edit] Care Mistakes

These are mistakes that you commit to your Digimon. It affects the way your Digimon grows up, and it also affects the Digivolution. Here is a list of all the care mistakes in Digimon World:

  • Not feeding your Digimon for a while.
  • Your Digimon poops on the ground.
  • Getting the Sweat Bubble and not letting your Digimon rest for three hours afterwards.
  • Not going to sleep three hours after the ZZZ bubble appears.
  • Getting your Digimon sick.
  • Getting your Digimon injured after a battle.
  • Losing a battle.

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