Digimon World DS

Digimon World DS
Digimon story import frontcover large wlIYYcaWc5A5rhX.jpgDigimon World DS (NA Box)
Alternate Title(s)Digimon Story (Japan)
Release date(s)Japan: 6/15/06
North America: 11/7/06
ModesSingle-player, Multiplayer (wireless only)
ESRB RatingsEveryone 10+
Available onNintendo DS

Digimon World DS ("Digimon Story" in Japan) was the first Digimon game on the Nintendo DS, released in Japan and North America. A European release, entitled Digimon Story, was supposedly planned, but its supposed release date was repeatedly pushed back and it did not arrive in Europe.

[edit] Story

The player begins by sneaking into a school computer room. After searching the Internet for information on Digital Monsters, the player is quickly transported to the Digital World. There, they get a Digivice and encounter several Digimon, including the first of the Observers which give Tamers their mission instructions, Azulongmon. After helping Gabumon recover a weapon, the player meets a pair of evil tamers who are swiftly defeated by a friendly tamer. The player is then challenged by BlackAgumon, and after defeating him, the player meets the second Observer, Ebonwumon, who sends them to track down the Digimon researcher, Phil. After rescuing his sister, the player fights the Digivolved BlackAgumon, DarkTyrannomon, and with help from Pandamon eventually works out Phil's location and rescues him. In the process, the player is confronted by Machinedramon, who explains that he is working for a character named Unknown-D. After defeating DarkTyrannomon, he is tricked into dedigivolving and defeated by the player.

The player is given their next mission from the third Observer, Baihumon. They are tasked to raise a Pagumon, which gets the player into several misadventures - along with a meeting with Alphamon - before the player visits the ruins of File Island. Jijimon and Babamon explain that the Island was attacked and ravaged by Kimeramon, and it is finally revealed that Pagumon is BlackAgumon, having degenerated after being defeated by Machinedramon. It asks the player to help it become Antylamon again so it can take on Kimeramon, which defeated it earlier. The player hunts down Kimeramon and confronts it in a factory, where they fight it. Upon returning, the player is met by the fourth Observer, Zhuqiaomon. At this point, a virus captures the other Observers and the player tracks down the first two, defeating them in their brainwashed state. Following an emergency Tamers' meeting, the player returns to the factory where they fought against Kimeramon to fight members of an evil group suspected of being behind the Observers' virus. After this, the player tracks down and defeats Baihumon, along with the leader of the evil tamers. He then captures Zhuqiaomon and the player follows and defeats the fourth Observer.

Unknown-D appears and reveals himself to be Alphamon, and announces his plan. The player chases him to the Core Field, where his armies of brainwashed tamers are defeated by the player. After a battle with Armageddemon, the player catches up with Alphamon as he prepares to use the leader of the Bad Tamers to unleash the Ultra Digimon, Chronomon. Alphamon realises his mistake, but is unable to stop Chronomon quickly. The player destroys the energy pods supplying the Ultra Digimon's energy, but Chronomon awakens and fights the player. The defeated Chronomon transforms into his more benevolent form and the Digital World is saved again.

[edit] Game Controls

Field Screen
Control Pad : Move
A Button : Talk, Open treasure chest, Climb, Descend ladder, Speed Text
START : Open Menu Screen
R Button : Open Menu Screen
Touch Screen : Send Message, Enter

Other Screens
A Button :' Enter
B Button : Back/Cancel
X Button : Sort list (menu), Show Digivolution Menu, Switch party digimon, Show rankings (Digi-Egg guide)
Control Pad : Make Selection
L/R Buttons : Switch party digimon Change page (menu)
Touch Screen : Make/ Enter Selection (menu), Train/ Select Digimon (farm)
Select : Switch to information screen (menu)

[edit] Maximum Number of Digimon You Can Have

You can only have a total of 40 digimon - party, farms, and digibank combined at any given time. Talk to Digimon Speak with the Digimon on your Farm. Choose a Digimon and press the A button to speak with it. Conversations differ depending on the personality of the Digimon. Speaking with Digimon increases their friendship levels and reduces their stress levels. Favor Quests Sometimes when you speak with Digimon, they ask you to perform a quest - called "favor quests." You don't have to accept these, but completing them will increase the requesting Digimon's friendship levels and earn you tamer points. You will even get items sometimes. Once you've accepted one favor quest, you can't accept another one until you're done with that one. You can always cancel the current quest, though. Just speak with the requesting Digimon. (Please refer to the Favor Quest section for more details on each favor quest) Digimon List This is a list of Digimon in your Farms, Bank, and Party. Note that you have to go to your Farm to perform digiconversions.

[edit] Digimon List

[edit] Digimon Location

[edit] Digivolution Guide

[edit] Digi-Egg List & Matching Requirements

[edit] Favor Quest (in-depth)

[edit] Wi-Fi and Wireless

What can I do via Wi-Fi?
Matching ONLY.

What is a Friend Code (FC)? How do I obtain one?
Friend Code is a certain string of number that you can obtain from the game itself. This string of number is the one that will allow you go online and match with others around the world via Wi-Fi. You can obtain your FC by going to the title screen and choose "Wi-Fi settings" and then choose "Confirm Friend Code". It is advised that you write this number down somewhere so that you won't have to look it up everytime someone asks you for your FC. YOU HAVE TO TALK TO GATOMON AT LEAST ONCE BEFORE YOU CAN OBTAIN YOUR FC.

How do I get online?
Go to Digimon Central, then go to the "Accel Room". That's the room where Dr. Gure resides and where the password portal is. Talk to Gatomon to set-up the Matching process.

I don't have Wi-Fi access, but I have a friend who has this game, what can I do?
If that's the case, then you're set to do "Wireless" communications. This is somewhat different than Wi-Fi. There's so much more you can do via Wireless. Battling, Trading, Training, and also Matching.

I have more questions about these stuff...
Well, if you do, consult with Kudamon. That's the digimon in Accel Room beside Gatomon. It'll answer any question about Wi-Fi/Wireless.

Follow these steps if it's your first time using Wi-Fi and to obtain your FC:
1. Insert your game into the DS (turned off).
2. Turn on your DS.
3. Choose Digimon World DS.
4. At Wifi Settings, go to Wifi Connection Settings.
5. Go to Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection Settings. Then press Connection 1-2-3 . Choose Search Access Point.
6. Choose an access point and your done. Go back to the title screen.
7. Load your game (Continue or New Game).
8. Go to DigiCentral, and then to Accel Room. Talk to Gatomon and choose Matching via WFC.
9. Choose to Save the game when prompted. DO NOT turn off your DS when saving. Once the game is saved, turn off your DS.
10. Turn you DS back on , choose Digimon World DS, go to Wifi Settings and choose Confirm Friend Code to obtain your Friend Code. Write these numbers down so you down have to do this every time someone asks you for your FC.

[edit] Hints, Tips, & Unlockables

[edit] Passwords

Enter these passwords in the purple portal in Accel Room.
Japanese Version:
82607991 - Obtain 100% Scan of Dot Agumon
20406002 - Obtain 100% Scan of Dot Falcomon
50620106 - Get Ultima Sword, Ultima Helm and Ultima Ring

US Version:
20000630 - Obtain 100% Scan Data for DotAgumon
10407002 - Obtain 100% Scan Data for DotFalcomon
42016002 - Obtain Ultimate Swd, Ultimate Brr, and Ultimate Ring

[edit] Armor Digivolutions & DE Locations

What are Armor Digivolutions?
Armor Digivolutions require special DigiEggs. There are only a few digimon that need DE'ss to digivolve:

  • Aquilamon - Sincerity DE
  • Wormon - Miracle DE
  • Terriermon - Kindness DE
  • Lopmon - Sincerity DE
  • Gearmon - Friendship DE
  • Veemon - Courage DE, Miracle DE
  • Ankylomon - Light DE

Where do I find these DE's?

  • Courage DE  : Talk to Mr. Gure when you have at least 6400 tamer points.
  • Miracle DE  : Found through story progression.
  • Kindness DE  : Found in Packet Swamp.
  • Sincerity DE  : Favor Quest (Aquillamon), have befriended 60+ digimon.
  • Light DE  : Favor Quest (Ankylomon).
  • Friendship DE : Found in Hard Mountains.

[edit] Tamer Points Rewards

Talk to Mr. Gure when you have the required tamer points.

  • 50 tamer points: Scale
  • 200 tamer points: Tooth Scmt
  • 600 tamer points: 100% Dorimon Scan data
  • 1200 tamer points: Ice Robe Beta
  • 2300 tamer points: Holy Bell
  • 4400 tamer points: 5000 bits
  • 6400 tamer points: Courage Digi-Egg
  • 11000 tamer points: Irataka Sword
  • 18000 tamer points: Huge Tree
  • 25000 tamer points: 100% Scan data for MegaKabuterimon
  • 41000 tamer points: Goddess Statue
  • 68000 tamer points: Rose Rapier, Rose Flower, Tiphereth
  • 84000 tamer points: Digimon lab
  • 137000 tamer points: Dramonkillr, Dramon Armor, and Dramon Ring

[edit] Digimon That Are Matching-Exclusive

  • SnowAgumon
  • ExVeemon
  • Paildramon
  • Omnimon
  • ChaosGallantmon
  • GallantmonCM
  • Imperialdramon (Paladin Mode)
  • Numemon
  • Digitamamon

[edit] Rank Upgrades Requirements

Bronze Rank  :Defeat BlackAgumon
Silver Rank  :Defeat SkullGreymon
Gold Rank  :Defeat Kimeramon
Platinum Rank  :Defeat the Bad Tamer Boss
Tamer King  :Beat the game once (Defeat Chronomon DM)

[edit] Obtaining Calumon

You can obtain 100% Calumon data by beating the Seven Demon Lords quest, which is Favor Quest #60. Once you've beaten all 7 lords, go directly to Digicentral and then to your farm. Calumon will have a surprise for you.

[edit] Obtaining Beelzemon

You can obtain 100% Beezlemon data by beating the Seven Demon Lords Quest, which is Favor Quest #60. Once you've beaten all 7 lords, Beezlemon will magically re-appear after the cutscene and offers to join you.

[edit] Obtaining ChronomonHM

You can obtain 100% Chronomon HM (Holy Mode) data in this game. Once you've beaten Chronomon DM (Dark Mode) and thus beaten the game, go back to where you fought Chronomon DM. Choronomon HM will be there and offers to join you if you can beat it.

[edit] 4 I-Dramons

Imperialdramon DM (Dragon): Digivolve Paildramon (Dragon EXP)
Imperialdramon FM (Fighter): Digivolve Paildramon (Holy EXP)
Imperialdramon DM (Dark): Digivolve Digitamamon (Dark EXP)
Imperialdramon PM (Paladin): Match Imperialdramon FM and Omnimon

[edit] Frequently Asked Questions

What's this game like?
Most people compare this game to Pokemon. While it is true that this game is about collecting monsters, this game is a lot more than that. It focuses on raising your monsters instead of just battling. If you need a game that will relate closely to this game, there's Dragon Quest Monsters. The only difference, there's no breeding in Digimon World DS.

What are the starters? Which one's the best?
The starters are Koromon, Tanemon, and Tsunomon. There's no "best" starter out of these 3. All 3 starters develop into decent digimon. Choose Koromon if you want a balanced digimon. Choose Tanemon if you want a digimon which focuses on special attacks. Choose Tsunomon if you want physical attacker.

What are tamer points?
Tamer points measure your popularity as a digimon tamer. The higer the number, the more famous you are. Tamer points can be acquired by doing favor quests from your digimon and by digivolving digimon.

What are those hearts that I see in my digimon's status page?
That's a measurement on how much your digimon loves you. It's also called the "Friendship Meter." The more heart is filled, the more they love you. Some digimon can only be digivolved once they've reached a certain heart point.

What does Friendship do?
The higher the Friendship of a digimon is, the higher the chance that digimon will perform critical hits. The lower the Friendship is, the more likely that digimon will disobey your commands in battles.

How do I increase Friendship?
Talk to Digimon.
Complete favor quests.
Win battles.

How do I decrease Friendship?
Don't talk/train Digimon in farms.
Not enough Digifood when Farm report is announced.
Digimon's HP is reduced to 0 during battles.

What is stress?
Stress signifies how tired your digimon is.

How do I increase stress?
Train Digimon in the Farm.
Not enough Digifood when Farm report is announced.

How do I decrease stress?
Talk to Digimon in the farms.
Place Digimon in the farms.
Digivolve/Degenerate Digimon.
Feed Digimon food.
Use certain Farm Goods.

You've been talking about favor quests. What are they exactly?
Favor quests are quests that your digimon will ask you to do for them. In order for Favor Quests to occur, there are certain conditions that must be fulfilled. Please refer to the Favor Quest section.

What do I get from these Favor Quests?
Sometimes you will get an item. You will also get tamer points and Friendship level of the request digimon will increase.

What are battles like in this game?
Battles in this game are all random encounters, except boss battles. The format of the battles is turn-based, depends on the digimon's speed.

How many digimon can I have in my team at a time?
You can only have 6 digimon in your team at a time. 3 in your main team, 3 in your reserve team. You can switch digimon between these two teams at anytime during the battle. Outside of battles, you can switch them from the main menu.

What is the difference between 100% scan data with 999%?
The higher the scan data is, the more powerful the digimon will be when digiconverted. The level cap/aptitude will also be higher.

When will I be able to open the Blue/Purple chests?
Blue Chest - Silver Rank
Purple Chest - Platinum Rank

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