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[edit] Are there any cheats for the game?

Supposedly (we haven't confirmed this), there are cheats in the Japanese version of the game which enable the player to obtain a number of unspecified Digivolution Items at the beginning of the game and use them to Digivolve and reverse-Digivolve their Digimon as they see fit, to gain infinite HP, or to instantly fill their Digivolution Charts. Some say that they work on other versions of the game, but we have never got them to work on any other versions.

Again, we haven't confirmed any of these codes for the Japanese version of the game. We have not confirmed any codes for other versions of the game (except the widely-known trick of pressing SELECT to display the HP of enemy Digimon). If we do come across any, or if we can establish whether or not the above codes are true, we will let you know.

[edit] Are any Megas Available?

Yes and no. You can obtain two Mega Digimon as partners (HerculesKabuterimon and Phoenixmon), but they are classed as Ultimates.

The reason is because most of Digimon World was developed before Digimon Adventure, and therefore most of the game was based on the handheld Digimon pets. At that time, there was no "Mega" stage, so any Digimon above the Champion stage would be classed as an "Ultimate" Digimon.

[edit] How do I access Mount Infinity?

The LCD sign in the Gear Savanna area indicates a location called "Mount Infinity", but getting there is not as simple as it sounds. To start with, you need to have a Prosperity Rating of 50 or higher. With this objective completed, speak to Jijimon and he will explain that Mount Infinity is now accessible. Head outside and you will be attacked by Airdramon. Defeat it, and following a conversation with Jijimon, you will be able to access Mount Infinity at the waterfall in the north section of File City.

[edit] How do I catch Seadramon?

You need you be in the south area of Dragon Eye Lake. Go there in the evening or early morning and look for a long, snake-like shadow in the water. Cast your Amazing Rod with any bait, and try to reel Seadramon in.

[edit] How do I make Greymon appear?

To make Greymon appear in File City, you first need at least 15 Prosperity Points. Then, enter Jijimon's house, MAKE SURE YOU SAVE, speak to Jijimon, and exit. Greymon will appear when you exit.

[edit] How Do I Open The Gate In Gear Savanna?

To open the large gate in the Gear Savanna area, you must first have defeated Ogremon for the third time (in the Secret Beach Cave). You will then be joined by Whamon, who can take you to Factorial Town. Once you have defeated the boss of Factorial Town, the gate will soon open.

[edit] Is Machinedramon playable?

It depends on your definition of "playable".

In the main game, no, Machinedramon is not a playable Digimon. However, if you save your game after defeating Machinedramon the first time, he will be selectable in Battle Mode with the Parameters of the Digimon who defeated him (so if you want a strong Machinedramon, beat him with a Digimon whose Parameters are all at maximum!).

[edit] What are special digivolutions?

We have a guide on the Special Digivolutions in the game here

[edit] What are the trading cards for?

The Trading Cards serve two purposes. They can be used with ShogunGekomon in Volume Villa to earn points, which can then be used to buy Chips, Digivolution Items and other goods. Getting all of the Cards also gives you an Award.

[edit] What Is The Infamous "Giromon Glitch"?

Many people have reported various glitches related to Giromon's jukebox, ranging from the game completely freezing to simply not being able to scroll through the menus. Players of the North American NTSC version of the game (which most reports of the glitches are generally based on) should be careful when using the jukebox, and it would be wise to save the game before using it. However, PAL copies appear to be free of these glitches. We are not certain if the glitches exist in other versions of the game, but we would certainly welcome any help on the matter!

[edit] What Is The "Agumon Glitch"?

Recently, discussion about this has been cropping up a lot. Supposedly, on some copies of the game, the Agumon guarding Ogremon's Fortress in the Great Canyon doesn't move like he's supposed to if you speak to him after defeating Ogremon. We've never encountered this glitch, but we can recommend something. For a start, save your game before you head off to fight Ogremon. Then, try fighting Ogremon WITHOUT going to the lower areas of the Canyon first, then see if Agumon will let you pass and enter the Ogre Fortress. We've only heard of this glitch happening on PAL copies of the game, but all players should watch out for this glitch and, hopefully, it won't happen to them on their games.

[edit] What is the most powerful technique?

In terms of standard Techniques, the most powerful Technique is DG Dimension, with a base power of a huge 722. In terms of Finishers, Giromon's Deadly Bomb appears to be the most powerful among the playable Digimon, but Machinedramon's Finisher, Infinity Cannon, is far more devastating.

[edit] What type of technique is 'Thunder Justice'?

It depends upon which version of the game you have.

In the PAL version of the game, 'Thunder Justice' is Elecmon's Finisher, and the most powerful Air attack in the game is called 'Thunder Bolt'. However, in the NTSC version of the game, the attack is called 'Thunder Justice', and Elecmon's Finisher has a different title.

[edit] Which digimon can I start with?

You can start the game with Agumon or Gabumon. Regardless of your answer to the first question, you must pick the first answer for the second question if you want to start the game with Agumon, and the second answer if you want Gabumon as your first Digimon.

[edit] Rumors

As with seemingly all Digimon games, Digimon World has a large selection of rumours. Here, we give you the ones we've heard, and whether they're true, false or unconfirmed.

Rumour: A Metal Banana (MetalEtemon's Digivolution Item) can be obtained by buying 25 Golden Bananas from Etemon. Status: Confirmed False In a test conducted by a Portal staff member, 27 Items were bought from Etemon. At no point did the player receive a Metal Banana. UPDATE: The test has been conducted again with 99 Golden Bananas. The results are still no Metal Banana. Some arguments have arisen as to whether this only applies to the PAL version, but the rumour has been tested on the North American version, too, and did not work.

Rumour: MetalEtemon can be obtained by defeating 25 Champion Digimon with Etemon for three consecutive days.

Status: Unconfirmed, No member of the Portal staff has ever tested this one.

Rumour: A Coelamon can instantly Digivolve to MegaSeadramon by becoming Sukamon and transforming back.

Status: True, but the Coelamon MAY Digivolve to MegaSeadramon(maybe arround of 50% of chance,so if this not work, try again until you get it).

Rumour: KingSukamon is playable by letting a Sukamon fill its virus gauge.

Status: Confirmed False; Sukamon's virus gauge does not increase, so this is impossible.

Rumour: A quick way of getting Phoenixmon is to let Birdramon lose a life heart.

Status: Unconfirmed either way; It seems likely (especially when Myotismon refers to it), but we haven't tested it yet. There may be other requirements which must be met for this to work.

Rumour: An easier way of getting SkullGreymon is to let MetalGreymon or Megadramon lose a life heart.

Status: Unconfirmed either way; Again, Myotismon refers to it, but we haven't extensively tested it yet. There may be other requirements which must be met for this to work.Update: it works, but not all times, you have to try losing battle in different places and have the blue face on the discipline bar.

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