Digimon World Techniques

Techniques for Digimon World.

Learned by Brain
Some Digimon can learn Techniques by increasing their Brains to or exceeding a certain level. These charts show you the ones which we have seen so far.

We have rounded the Brains down to the previous ten. For instance, if the test Digimon acquires the Technique at 152 Brains, we round it down to 150.

The chart uses a simple format of giving the Digimon's name in the left column, while the right column gives the name of the Techniques and the approximate levels of Brains at which the Digimon can learn them. For instance, if you see "Power Crane (350)", that means that the Digimon can learn Power Crane at around 350 Brains.

However, please note that a Digimon may not always learn these Techniques at certain levels of Brains. Tamer Level appears to be the biggest factor in this.

Heat Laser (200)
Infinity Burn (600)
War Cry (250), Ice Needle (450)
Random Poop Throw (150)
War Cry (150), Muscle Charge (250)

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