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The Digital World (デジタルワールド Dejitaru Wārudo or デジタル世界 Dejitaru Sekai) is a region of cyberspace where Digimon and other Digital Lifeforms inhabit. It lies parallel to the Real World, separated by an invisible barrier. The Digital World consists of four islands: File Island, Folder Continent, WWW Continent, and Forest of the Gods.

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[edit] History of the Digital World

See History of the Digital World

[edit] Anime

[edit] Digimon Adventure & Digimon Adventure 02

[edit] File Island

File Island is where the first group of Chosen Children arrived. At the time it was under the control of Devimon and he was using the Black Gears to take control of other Digimon. The island is home to many kinds of digimon and is made up of many different environments for them to live in.

[edit] Server Continent

Server Continent is west of File Island. The Chosen Children were advised by Gennai to go to Server to find the Tags and Crest that were scatted throughout the continent. It was divided into two parts: a desert that was controlled by Etemon and the forest region that was controlled by Vamdemon.

[edit] The Eastern Region

The eastern region is protected by Qinglongmon and is where most of the events from Digimon Adventure 02 occurs. It is mostly taken over by the Digimon Kaizer by building the Dark Towers to seal away the power of the Qinglongmon. The eastern region is also where the Holy Stones are hidden that are almost all destroyed by Black War Greymon.

[edit] Digimon Frontier

This version of the Digital World is divided into ten regions in which each one represents the element of each of the Ten Legendary Warriors. Each region has a terminal which is used by the Trailmon to transport the various Digimon across the criss-crossing railway tracks to different areas of the Digital World. Everything in the Digital World, from land to individual Digimon, is made of DigiCode. In the series, this is mostly seen by the villains trying to give enough power to Lucemon to brake free from the Dark Area. The DigiCode can also be "rendered" which results in the data being put back into its normal place. If a digimon loses its DigiCode they would revert back to a DigiTama and return to the Village of Beginnings to restart the life. The Digital World is also orbited by three moons that are named after the three Celestial Digimon and each are different colors: the blue Seraphimoon, the yellow Ophanimoon, and the red Cherubimoon. The Seraphimoon is inhabited by a colony of Starmon with a Super Starmon as their leader, and it was also the home to Insekimon and Burgermon. The Ophanimoon is home to a Rebirth Village where, just like the Village of Beginnings, Digimon whose data has been destroyed can be reborn.

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