[edit] Main Digivolutions

The main digivolutions are seen throughout the majority of the digimon games, animes, card games, etc. They are from Fresh to In-Training to Rookie to Champion to Ultimate to Mega.

[edit] Warp Digivolution

Warp Digivolution happens when a Digimon skips Digivolution stages while Digivolving. This is seen quite a few times with Agumon and Gabumon to get into a battle much quicker. In Digimon Data Squad this is also seen but is referred to as "Double Warp Digivolve" when the digimon go into their Mega forms because of skipping two forms. This form of Digivolution is also known as Blast Digivolution in Digimon World 3.

[edit] Dark Digivolution

Dark Digivolution occurs when a digimon digivolves through hatred or the digimon is cared for in an evil manner. Agumon is seen Dark Digivolving into SkullGreymon during Digimon Adventure.Just like WarGrowlmon into Megidramon in Season 3.

[edit] Virus Digivolution

Virus Digivolution is seen when a digimon digivolves through a virus or against their own will. Agumon in Digimon Adventure 02 digivolves like this into MetalGreymon when he is captured by the villain.

[edit] Shining Digivolution

Shining Digivolution is seen in Tamers when Calumon releases his digivolution power and makes all the digimon in the Digital World (except for those with tamers and Impmon) digivolve into their Mega forms.

[edit] DNA Digivolution

Silphymon, (Gatomon and Aquilamon)

DNA Digivolution refers to the combining of two digimon to become one stronger digimon. This is seen in mainly Digimon Adventure 02 but is also seen in the second digimon movie. It is also stated that DNA digivolution is useful because it combines the two digimon's powers and amplifies them making the result even stronger. When a DNA digimon speaks the voices of the original digimon can be heard in perfect unison.

DNA Digimon

[edit] Warp DNA Digivolution

Warp DNA Digivolution was used in the second digimon movie by Agumon and Gabumon who warp DNA digivolved into Omnimon skipping their respective Mega stages entirely. This is also seen in the opening FMV of Digimon World 2003 and Digimon World 3, where Guilmon and Bearmon (known as Kumamon in the game) Warp DNA Digivolve to Gallantmon.

[edit] Armor Digivolution

Armor Digivolution is seen only throughout Digimon Adventure 02. The Digi-Destined utilize "Digi-Eggs" (Digimentals in Japanese) in combination with their digivice to help their digimon digivolve to the next level. As the story goes, the Digi-Eggs were an ancient power used by the first digimon that had trouble digivolving into champion for due to the Digital World been at an early stage. In the second season they are used because the Dark Digivice and the Control Spires where blocking a Digimon's ability to digivlove. During the anime the digi-destined says "Digi-Armor Energize" when using the digi-eggs.

Armor Digimon

Digmon, Drill of Knowledge

There are other Armor Digimon when using a different digi-egg. For example: When Patamon uses the Digi-Egg of Sincerity he digivolves into Ponchomon. However they will not be listed here as they are not seen in Digimon Adventure 02.

[edit] Golden Armor Digivolution


There are also two Golden Digi-Eggs known as the Miracles and Destiny. They are only seen in Digimon: The Movie. During the anime the digi-destined says "Golden Armor Energize!" when using the golden digi-eggs.

Golden Armor Digimon

[edit] Biomerge Digivolution

Gallantmon, Guilmon biomerged with Takato

Biomerge Digivolution is seen only in Digimon Tamers. This form of digivolution occurs when the tamer along with the rookie digimon are combined into one mega digimon. The tamer rests within the digimon giving his or her strength to the digimon whenever it is required. A tamers says "Biomerge Activate!" while biomerging.

Biomerged Digimon

[edit] Spirit Digivolution

Spirit Digivolution is only seen throughout the Digimon Frontier anime. The Digi-Destined of this series can use this digivolution because they have no partner digimon and instead acquire the Human and Beast Spirits throughout the anime.

[edit] Spirit Evolution

JagerLowemon, Beast Spirit of Darkness
Kazemon, Human Spirit of Wind

There are two forms of Spirit Evolution, the first is when the Digi-Destined digivolves using the Human Spirit making a Human Hybrid. The other, uses the Beast Spirit making a Beast Hybrid. The Digi-Destines scan something known as "Fractal Code" with their digivice which activates the spirit of their choosing. During the anime the digi-destined say "Execute! Spirit Evolution!" while using the Human Spirit and "Execute! Beast Spirit Evolution!" when using the Beast Spirit. As seen to the left and right, the Human Spirits take on more of a human look, while naturally Beast Spirits look like beasts.

Human Hybrid Digimon

Beast Hybrid Digimon

It is assumed that like the Spirit of Darkness there are other Tainted spirits, however they are never seen.

[edit] Fusion Evolution

Aldamon, Fusion of the Human & Beast Spirits of Fire

Fusion Evolution occurs when the Human and Beast Spirits of the same element fuse together. In Digimon Frontier only two of the Digi-Destined combine their spirits. When the fusion occurs the human says "Execute! Fusion Evolution!"

Fused Hybrid Digimon

It is assumed that like other Fused Hybrid Digimon exist yet they are never seen.

[edit] Unified Evolution

EmperorGreymon, Unified Spirits of Fire, Wind, Ice, Earth, and Wood

Unified Evolution is a combination of five of the ten legendary spirits, who appear in only Digimon Frontier. The two digi-destined two use this digivolution are Takuya Kanbara and Koji, who call out "Unity Execute! Unified Spirit Evolution!" whilst digivolving. The spirits of the other digi-destined return to them after the digivolution ends.

Unified Hybrid Evolution

It is assumed that there are other "Unified Hybrid Evolution" digimon when another spirit is "dominate," yet they are never seen.

[edit] Ancient Spirit Evolution

Susanoomon, The Ten Legendary Spirits

Ancient Spirit Evolution is the most powerful digivolution that occurs in Digimon Frontier. It is a combination of all ten legendary spirits to combine into one powerful being. There are only two instances when the digivolution occurs and the first time "Ancient Spirits Unite!" is called out, while the second time "Execute! Ancient Spirit Evolution!" is called out.

Ancient Hybrid Digimon

[edit] Slide Evolution

Slide Evolution is actually a change from Human Hybrid to Beast Hybrid or vice-versa very quickly. Not only is this seen in Frontier but it is also seen in the other season from time to time.

[edit] Other Digivolutions

Some Digivolutions do not follow any of the above process rules.

Machinedramon is created from other lower-level Digimon

Machinedramon and Kimeramon were created by fusing parts of other Digimon into one.

Digimon World contains the concept of Digivolution between Digimon of the same level by losing a battle. It is also implied in some Digimon media that this is how Millenniummon digivolves to its higher forms. Digivolution on the same level can also happen by achieving other requirements based on parameters, happiness or other factors. For example, Seadramon can Digivolve to Airdramon.

Snatchmon is created by the DNA Digivolution of four identical Vemmons. Both of these Digimon, along with Galacticmon, are capable of merging themselves with "real world" entities, like machines or planets, to Digivolve further.

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