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DoruGreymon is a huge red and black Digimon with both draconian and beast features. Its build is similar to dragons shown in myths, long neck, thick, powerful tail, and a sloping body compose DoruGreymon's basic appearance. However its long ears, feline paws, and fur covered body are reminiscent of mammals. The red and black marks of its fur form a similar pattern to that of a tiger. Two pairs of massive black wings cover its back like a shield and several small blades jut out of its long neck. Small golden spikes partially encompass these wings, as well as a longer, sturdier spike at the tip of the Digmon's tail. It also has a large, oddly shaped, horn on its snout for offensive purposes. DoruGreymon varies greatly from its previous forms in the fact that it is a quadruped and has red fur instead of purple and black.

DoruGreymon lives up to his fearsome appearance. Extremely powerful and irascible, DoruGreymon can destroy nearly any other Digimon with ease. It is also very prideful and intelligent.

[edit] Digimon World DS

DoruGreymon can digivolve from Dorugamon.

[edit] Digimon World Dawn/Digimon World Dusk

DoruGreymon can digivolve from Dorugamon.

[edit] Attacks

Metal Meteor: Fires a huge iron ball. Very destructive and poweful.
Bloody Tower: Skewers an opponet with the golden blade on its tail.

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