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Dorumon is a purple fox Digimon with a red triangle on his forehead.

[edit] Anime Appearances

[edit] Digimon X Evolution

Dorumon is the main character in this series. Dorumon makes friends with MetalGarurumon X and WarGreymon X, but its best friend in the entire movie is Tokomon, who Dorumon is assigned to protect. In the beginning, he was chased by Leomon, who wanted his X-Antibody. Dorumon was then seen drinking water from a river where it was treated badly by Mushroomon. Dorumon later was seen in a temple when it heard the explosions that awoke him from his sleep. Dorumon met WarGreymon X, who asked him to take care of Tokomon. They became fast friends. They were attacked by Omnimon and Tokomon was killed in the process. MetalGarurumon X and WarGreymon X arrived in time to fight off Omnimon, but Dorumon told them that Tokomon was already lifeless. Omnimon tried to kill Dorumon also, but he was protected by MetalGarurumon. However, MetalGarurumon sacrificed his X-Antibody by giving it to Tokomon, who was brought back to life as Tokomon X. Dorumon, who was overpowered by seeing MetalGarurumon dead in front of him, Digivolved into his Champion form: Dorugamon.

[edit] Game Appearances

[edit] Digimon World DS

Dorumon digivolves from Dorimon at level 10 if it has at least 500 beast experience. It can then digivolve into Dorugamon at level 18 if it has at least 1500 beast experience.

[edit] Attacks

  • Metal Shot
  • Metal Cannon

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