Dream a Little Dream

Takato goes off to school the next day, and sees all the students huddled around the playground. It seems that something has drawn many odd-shaped chalk lines around the playing field. While most of the children lump this with the dragon sighting (Episode 2) Jeri claims to have seen the monster behind the act. Jeri says that while she was in the infirmary, she opened a cabinet and saw the creature there (the creature being Calumon). Then the episode changes to Calumon’s perspective, and Calumon sees people playing soccer. When they leave, he wants them to return, so he redraws the chalk lines, inventing new rules as he goes. In the morning, Takato and Guilmon happen upon Calumon while Takato feeds the school rabbits. After waking up, Calumon proceeds to play soccer like crazy. Takato and Guilmon debate who Calumon’s trainer should be, ruling out Kazu for his poor strategies (strong offense but no defense), Suzie for her immaturity, and Jeri for no particular reason. Later, Calumon convinces Guilmon to leave the shed in the park and play with him on the field. Takato finds the shed empty, but is startled to see what appears to be a digital field appearing over the playing field. Together, Henry, Takato, and Rika are able to defeat the Digimon (Vilemon) and Rika has Renamon absorb the data.

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