Etemon's Comeback Tour


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A group of Woodmon are chasing Ogremon and are trying to steal his power. Later on a meteor crashes into the ground which scares the Woodmon away and traps Ogremon into a tree. Joe and Mimi find him and eventually nurse him back to health. Ogremon becomes their friend now that they helped him. Meanwhile, the others are exploring Puppetmon's mansion. Using one of his camera's Puppetmon spots Joe and Mimi, when MetalEtemon appears. Puppetmon wants to destroy Joe and Mimi himself so he start to fight MetalEtemon. While Puppetmon is off fighting, Tai and the other exploring the mansion meet one of the guards who hats Puppetmon. They agree to lead an attack against him, this interrupts the Puppetmon fight and allows MetalEtemon to get away. Ogremon later tells Joe and Mimi that he wants to destroy Leomon but as he does MetalEtemon finds them and chases them down the Jungle. Later a digimon that is similar to Leomon appears.

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