Factorial Town

Factorial Town (ファクトリアルタウン "Factorial Town") is a location in the Digimon World game. It limits with the ocean on the east and with Gear Savanna on the south. Its name comes from the mathematical term "factorial", which is an operation over natural numbers and is denoted as n!, where n! = 1 * 2 * 3 * 4 * ... * n.

[edit] Structure

Factorial Town is a heavily organized town made up of several pieces of machinery; it is implied that the whole town is a super-organized megafactory. The outer areas are a set of long corridors made mostly to allow locomotion between the several subsections of the town; they show no intention of hiding the machinery lying around them and the floor seems to be composed entirely of scrap metal and fallen roads. There are docks built on the easternmost section, which are frequently used to facilitate Whamon travelling. From the docks, a long corridor extends west towards a large area; there is an entrance to the sewers and a control room on this area. The control room is a small metallic cabin with a plethora of computer hardware; the Andromon on shift is responsible to operate this room, providing general maintenance and receiving the error calls from the main sector of the town should an issue arise. To the south of the large area, a corridor extends south, leading to a big metallic gate that connects the town with Gear Savanna. West of the area of the control room are a set of gates guarded by a pair of Guardromon or a trio of either Geremon or PlatinumSukamon.

The area inside the guarded gates are considered the main area of Factorial town, and its main composition seems to be black chrome digizoid. The main lobby presents a huge chasm with enormous gears spanning all the visible area. The main lobby connects to a large, toroid-shaped reception area suspended over a copious amount of machinery; the corridors then become just a mean to mobilize from room to room, and the rooms are limited to a bare minimum as to give space to all the machinery the factory utilizes. Two "essential" rooms radiate from the reception area, following a clockwise pattern. Following the same clockwise pattern, beginning from the room closest to the lobby, the first room is a large computer-filled area used as the main control room; in there, Giromon, the master control of the factory, performs its labors as the keeper of the integrity of the whole town. The second room is the "remodelation area", which is used, as it may seem evident, to perform remodelation on schedule. The machine used for remodeling is a huge black metal box with a simple input/output device a Guardromon uses to operate it. The rest of the factory is not accessible to non-authorized personnel; it is comprised of a few more corridors that end in areas used for proper machinery test and maintenance and more machines and devices, whose length expands almost infinitely downwards. Though the factory is implied to have thousands of workers, not many of them are seen in non-authorized personnel areas, and most of the visible staff are guards.

The sewers area is a regular-looking sewer passageway, and perhaps the only structures not crafted out of metal. The sewers are overtly spacious and are party used to dispose of obsolete machinery and non-functional pieces. The waste disposal of the factory is connected to the sewers. The floor collapsed on itself, leaving the entrance at the large area of the town the only viable way of entering the sewers, and sealing off several areas. The sewers are on disuse and nobody gives them real maintenance; visiting the sewers for more than a few minutes is severely discouraged.

[edit] Inhabitants

Factorial Town is characterized for being inhabited almost exclusively by the same Digimon that work at the factory and filth Digimon that inhabit the sewers and occasionally rise up to the surface. The factory is littered with Guardromon, which serves mainly as the security service of the town, as well as interfaces for the services provided by the factory, most notably remodeling. A sole Andromon is assigned the duties of monitoring the outside corridors of the town on the control room, and a Giromon is in charge of monitoring the factory, ensuring that it functions correctly at all times; if a situation were to arise that Giromon cannot handle or that falls outside of the factory's main building, Giromon will request for Andromon's assistance. Mamemon can access the factory in order to get remodeled into MetalMamemon, though most of the ones assigned labors at the factory won't be visible in areas where non-personnel is not allowed to enter, and they spend their leisure time on the outside corridors very sporadically. The filth Digimon that are sometimes seen on the city are the elusive Geremon and PlatinumSukamon, both possibly mutations of Numemon and Sukamon, product of the waste of the factory (though it's possible that the factory remodels Sukamon into PlatinumSukamon itself). Very seldom, Numemon can be seen at the sewers; even for them, who are filth-loving Digimon, the state of the water ducts and the byproducts of the factory result unbearable; if they don't faint and die, they are known to become highly hostile.

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