Falcomon (Data Squad)

Falcomon (Data Squad)
Japanese Nameファルコモン (Falcomon)
Special Technique打ち竹落し ("Uchitake Otoshi", Bamboo Firecracker Throw)

Digivolution Line


This page refers to the Falcomon seen on Digimon Data Squad. For the Falcomon as seen outside of Data Squad please see: Falcomon.

Falcomon (ファルコモン "Falcomon") is a rookie bird Digimon of the vaccine type. This subspecies are a special kind of Falcomon that have adapted the ways of shinobi. Their sharp talons and swift movements assist them on their training and missions. Their special attack is the Bamboo Firecracker Throw, on which Falcomon assaults their opponents with firecrackers from the air, searching for openings in order to throw 手裏裏剣 (Shuririnken, lit. handheld concealed blades) at lethal areas.

[edit] Anime Appearances

Falcomon appears as Ikuto Noguchi's partner. It is first seen as an antagonist working for Merukimon, but quickly befriends the DATS team. After Merukimon's downfall, Falcomon and Ikuto help DATS on occasions in order to foil Akihiro Kurata's plans.

[edit] Game Appearances

[edit] Digimon World DS

Falcomon digivolves from Tokomon at level 10 if it has at least 60% friendship. It can then digivolve into Peckmon at level 20 if it has at least 70% friendship.

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