File City

File City (はじまりの街 "Beginning Town" or "Town of Origins") is a location on the Digimon World game. It is a small town comprised of a few residential buildings, a big plaza where a small amount of shops are located, a small cave used for general exploring and Green Gym, which serves as a training area for Digimon. The shops on the main plaza are the only reasonable income sources on the city. It limits with Mt. Infinity on the northeast and Native Forest on the west, east and south. It has a small shore on its northeast section, which Whamon frequent.

[edit] Structure

File City is a small rural-like town. Its outskirts are mainly used as residential areas. The northern section is comprised of a few buildings, such as Birdra Transport, Jijimon's House and an item bank, all surrounded by prairie. There is a small meat farm behind Jijimon's house; continuing north leads to a cave a Drimogemon uses for exploring, while following the northeastern path leads to a path behind a waterfall that leads to Mt. Infinity. Going west from Jijimon's House leads to Green Gym, while following south leads to the main plaza. The main plaza is a large, circular area where several shops are located, such as an item shop and a restaurant. There is a clinic to the southwest and a tournament arena to the south. There's also a bulletin board near the arena. From the main plaza, one can go west towards Native Forest or east towards the Digimon Bridge.

The Green Gym (グリンジム "Green Gym") is a large area used for Digimon training. From its entrance, following south will lead to Native Forest, while following north will lead to the various machines used for training. In order, from southermost to northermost, there's a hitting sack made up of a hollow tree trunk, a boulder moving section, an endurance training section (which consists of a mechanical arm that delivers hits), a racing track, a waterfall and a classroom for young Digimon to go learn. Kuwagamon and Kabuterimon take care of the gym's equipment.

Jijimon's House (ジジモンの家 "Jijimon's Home") is the house where the elder, Jijimon, resides. It consists of two rooms, a living room and a bedroom. Jijimon can be seen along Angemon in the living room, while an eerily placed Monzaemon costume can be seen hanging on a hook.

The meat farm north from Jijimon's house is run by Tanemon, Palmon and Veggiemon, and it grows meat, giant meat and the evasive sirloin. When the farmers get a good harvest, they hand out more meat than usual.

The Item Bank (預り屋 "Custody House", or "Item Bank") is a small black building with the shape of a safe located next to Jijimon's house. Inside, an Agumon attends customers; it is in charge of stashing the clients' unwanted items and returning the requested items.

Birdra Transport is a special service provided by Birdramon. In exchange for a little money, it will fly customers to far away lands. It is located next to Jijimon's House.

The Treasure Hunt Area is a cave on the northern parts of the town, managed by a Drimogemon and Gabumon. Several treasure searches are done on demand; a customer can keep the treasure found if they pay an appropriate price.

The Item Shop (アイテムショプ "Item Shop") is a regular shop that offers different goods depending on the shopkeeper. The shop is maintained by Monochromon, Unimon, Patamon, Biyomon, Piximon and Punimon, among others. The item shop drove out of business Betamon and Coelamon's modest exchange stop.

Below the Item Shop, a Secret Item Shop (ひみつアイテムショプ "Secret Item Shop") is opened. It is maintained by Devimon, Numemon and Mamemon, and they sell hard to find items, most of them not obtainable by any other means.

The Centar Clinic (ケンタル医院 "Centar Clinic") is a medical structure run by Centarumon. It has a big, large machine used to heal Digimon, and Coelamon assistants.

Greymon's Arena Lobby (闘技場ロビー "Arena Lobby") can be accessed form File City's main plaza; it is used by Digimon to sign up the different tournaments that Greymon holds. A MetalGreymon has a stand on the arena, and an Airdramon runs a divination service on the lobby. Greymon's Arena has a curling area (デジモンカーリング場 "Digimon Curling Grounds") run by Penguinmon and MetalMamemon.

A restaurant (レストラン "Restaurant") is located on the northeastern part of the plaza. It is run by Garurumon, Vademon, Frigimon, Meramon and Digitamamon, and it has the layout of a classic oriental-themed restaurant. A Giromon hangs around the jukebox.

[edit] Inhabitants

Digimon on File City are diverse; most of them work in the various areas throughout the main plaza. Bakemon and Ogremon serve as the security guards of the city. Aside from the shopkeepers, the elders and the rest of the Digimon previously mentioned, File City is frequented by Ninjamon, Leomon, Punimon, Poyomon, Yuramon, Kokatorimon, Megadramon, Nanimon, Shellmon, Kunemon, Elecmon and Sukamon, among others. Myotismon and Gekomon, among other Digimon frequent Greymon's Arena, but they are not commonly seen on the city itself. An Andromon frequents the rural areas of File City, but he is originally from Factorial Town. A pair of Kuwagamon and Kabuterimon adopted Green Gym as their own arena, and give maintenance to the exercise machines there. Whamon tend to arrive and set sail on File City's shore, most of which are directed towards Factorial Town or the Secret Beach Cave.

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