Japanese NameRagnamon
Special TechniqueRagnarok Cannon

Digivolution Line

First FormVemmon
Second FormSnatchmon
Third FormGalacticmon
Fourth FormGaiamon

Galacticmon appeared in Digimon World 2003 and Digimon World 3. In the American version of Digimon World 3, he is the final boss. Galacticmon was formed when Snatchmon fused himself with the spy satellite Gunslinger. As a result, Galacticmon has the satellite's ultimate weapon, the Ragnarok Cannon, available to him. Snatchmon mentioned that Galacticmon could fuse with Earth to become Gaiamon; however, he was defeated before he had a chance to achieve this.

Due to his size and power, Junior faced three parts of his body separately. First he fought the Digimon's tail, then his chest appeared and fired the Ragnarok Cannon. Galacticmon then fought Junior with his head and arm. As well as the Ragnarok Cannon, Galacticmon also had various other attack mechanisms. He was capable of launching lasers from his head and tail. The tail could also be used to hit an enemy. He could also, after charging up, fire a jet of air from his large eye. He was also capable of copying the Techniques of his opponents.

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