Gatomon Comes Calling


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The city is in a widespread panic due to recent digimon sightings and bizarre weather patterns. Sora, Mimi, Tai, and Izzy are out looking for the eight child out in the city before Myotismon can find him or her. Meanwhile Kari, Tai's sister, is out in the park and one of Myotismon's henchmen crosses paths with her. Gatomon wonders is that girl is the eighth child. Elsewhere Mimi and Sora find SkullMeramon. Togemon and Birdramon are unable to stop him even though they give their best efforts. Greymon, Tai, Kabuterimon, and Izzy appear but they still seems to be no match for him. Greymon digivolves into his ultimate, MetalGreymon, and is able to stop SkullMeramon once and for all. The team had no luck in finding the eighth child but continue to search for whoever it may be.

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