Gatomon X

Gatomon X
Japanese NameテイルモンX抗体 (X-Antibody Tailmon)
Special TechniqueCat Punch
VariationsBlackGatomon, Gatomon

Digivolution Line

ChampionGatomon X

Gatomon X (テイルモンX抗体 "X-Antibody Tailmon") is an X-antibodied holy beast champion Digimon of the Vaccine type. Its initial appearance is that of a 猫又 ("nekomata", lit. Forked Cat), a cat whose tail has split in two and became a proficient necromancer. Their Holy Rings have gotten considerably bigger, forcing them to use them around their bodies as a band. Their basic characteristics do not differ much from a normal Gatomon. Their special attack is the Cat Punch.

[edit] Anime Appearances

None so far.

[edit] Game Appearances

[edit] Digimon TGC

Gatomon X was printed as a playable card on the physical Trading Card game. Its special attacks are set to Cat Punch and Holy Chime.

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