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Gazimon resembles a strange mammal that has both feline and rodent characteristics.It has large, furry, ears and a long tail which forks into three sections at the end. Its front paws are armed with huge claws which vaguely resemble those of a sloth, whereas as its back paws have short, sturdy claws. These characteristics make Gazimon a adept burrower as displayed in games and anime. Its red eyes are set against blue and purple tinted fur.

Gazimon is a bully and loves to hurt those weaker than it. Its also very selfish, never helping those in need. Its mischievous temperament leads it to set traps for other Digimon and it generally detests humans, instead preferring to stay with other Gazimon.

[edit] Anime Appears

[edit] Digimon Adventure

Servants of Etemon, the Gazimon constantly plagued the Digidestined and other Digimon alike with their evil deeds. But after their master died, the Gazimon stopped.

[edit] Digimon Adventure 2

The opening episode shows a fleeing Gazimon getting caught by a Dark Ring.

A bunch of Gazimon, along with Gabumon, were hostages to RedVegiemon and his Vegiemon army. During the final battle against MaloMyotismon a Gazimon was present, being the partner of a French Digi-tamer.

[edit] Digimon Tamers

A Gazimon was frozen by the wicked Ice Devimon.

[edit] Digimon Frontier

Gazimon were spotted numerous times at the Village of Flame, Autumn Leaf Fair, none made significant appearances. Some other Gazimon were seen at the forest in the Fortune Teller City. One of them told SkullSatamon the forest's key to the fractal code in order to save his life, although SkullSatamon still killed him and collected his fractal code.

[edit] Game Appearances

[edit] Digimon World 2

Gazimon appears as a playable digimon and can digivolve can Nanimon and is found at numerous locations throughout the early part of the game.

[edit] Attacks

Electric Stun Blast: Spews a cloud of dark gas from its mouth, may cause paralysis.
Pitfall: Use sharp claws to create a pitfall trap beneath the enemy.

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