Gear Savanna

Gear Savanna (ギアサバンナ "Gear Savanna"), or Gear Savana, is a location on the Digimon World game. It limits with the ocean on the east, with Factorial Town on the northeast, with the Thrash Mountain on the northwest, with Geko Swamp on the west and with Mt. Panorama on the south. Gear Savanna is one of the few locations that has a designated Training Gym, similar to Green Gym. Before the path through Mt. Panorama was open and later made shorter by Drill Tunnel's shortcut to the base of the mountain, the only way to get to Gear Savanna was doing a whole lap through Geko Swamp, going through Freezeland and the Misty Trees.

[edit] Structure

Gear Savanna is an ample plains where small rock formations and minor irregularities can be observed. There are unused power outlets scattered on the sections that still has some tree inhabitants, and signs are placed in order to guide the traveler towards Factorial Town, Mt. Panorama and Trash Mountain. The small rock formations seem to be comprised at least partially from electronic materials.

There's a wide grassy area welcoming the path coming from Mt. Panorama, which forks itself into two main roads. The road on the left continues towards another wide area surrounded by small trees, where a small unused vending machine can be found selling both meat and portable potties. Following north from there leads to a narrow passage delimited by a harsh ravine and a small mountain. Following the passage shows that it divides in two. The west path leads to an elevated surface where the training gym is located; once there, one can run laps through the savanna or practice punching with a stone bag. The north path instead leads to a single four-way path. Taking the path to the west leads to the Geko Swamp, while following directly north follows towards the Trash Mountain.To the east, the fork divides into a norther path and a southern path. Taking the northern path leads to another passage; going south from there leads to a vast dead-end area that connects directly to the southernmost path of the four-way fork. Going east from where said northern path leads follows a broad area with a big, metallic gate at its northernmost point; this gate is the entrance to Factorial Town, though it is closed most of the time for security reasons. A passageway that mirrors the one delimited by the ravine is located south from that broad area; it has no access to the upper level, but it allows access to a small peak where the sea can be observed through its western paths. A quick trip south from that passageway completes a lap through the Gear Savanna, leading the traveler to the first area exposed, with an exit to Mt. Panorama on its south side.

[edit] Inhabitants

Digimon on this savanna seem to be at least mammalian or avian in nature for the most part. Some ShimaUnimon can be seen trotting through the plains at days, and Akatorimon tends to roost on the least elevated parts. Sharmamon may also be spotted on the higher plains near Geko Swamp, and are usually up to something, even if they're not quite bright.There are Psychemon running about near the passageways near the only elevation in the plains, and NiseDrimogemon usually go out at night to drill through the rock formations. A Biyomon's nest can be located on the broad dead-end area; Biyomon tend to be very shy and try to run away from strangers, though. Rare fauna ocurrences include Patamon and Elecmon loafing around Factorial Town's gate. It is said that a lone Leomon trains at the savanna's gym, and it may become hostile towards any being it deems as evil-minded.

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