Japanese Name
Special TechniquePower Crane

Digivolution Line


[edit] Description

Guardromon is a Champion level digimon. As their name suggests, they are guard robots. They patrol the digital cities to keep trouble out. If a digimon is causing trouble they will knock them out with their powerful Power Crane special technique, and if someone foreign visits the city, they will question them.

[edit] Game Appearances

[edit] Digimon World

Guardromon is an enemy you can fight in this game. They are found only in Factorial Town. You can also collect a Guardromon card.

[edit] Digimon World 3

Guardromon is your save point on this game. The only way you can save is by talking to Guardromon. They are usually found in the city Inns. You can also fight Guardromon later in the game, many A.O.A members use Guardromon, and a few are wild in areas with machine based digimon.

You can also use Guardromon as a monster card in the Card Battle side quest.

[edit] Digimon World DS

Guardromon digivolves from Hagurumon at level 15 if it has at least 50% stress. Guardromon can then digivolve into one of two digimon. For Andromon, Guardromon needs to reach level 40 and for Kenkimon, Guardromon needs to reach level 24 and you need to have the friendship digi-egg.

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