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Name Description MP
Air Attack Fires an air burst 8
Alien Ray Fires a ray beam 20
Big Bang Boom Throws grenades at all foes 40
Black Pearl Shot Attacks with no defense 4
Blaze Blast Attacks with a fire blast 10
Blue Blaster Attacks with blue blaster 4
Bolt Strike Attack with a snowball 6
Boom Bubble An air shot 6
Brown Stinger Shoots poison needles 12
Concert Curse Disables strong techs 8
Coral Crusher Slows enemy down 12
Crimson Claw Confuse, poison & stun foe 18
Darkness Gear Attacks with a black gear 8
Dark Shot Fires an organic missle 20
Darkside Attack Foe can't heal HP 20
Demi Dart Lowers MP a little 8
Digital Bomb Tosses small bombs at all foes 30
Duo Scissor Claw Lower's all foes defense 36
EStun Blast May paralyze 8
Electric Shock Attack with a bolt of electricity 8
Electro Thread Attack with electro threads 8
Energy Blast Shoot energy blasts at foes 60
Evil Charm Fade away spell confusion 12
Evil Touch Lowers MP 12
Evil Wind Slows enemy down 36
Fireball Throws a fire punch 12
Fire Blast Attacks all foes with fire blast 22
Fire Blast II Attacks with oragnic missle 20
Fire Tornado Shoots energy at all foes 80
Fist of Fate Attacks with a lightspeed punch 10
Flame Bomber Shoots a fireball 6
Flaming Rocket Attacks with a blazing rocket 12
Flower Cannon Fires flower energy blast 16
Fossil Bite Attacks with claws 8
Freeze Breath Frozen breath hits all foes 60
Friendly Fire Makes enemy attack themselves 4
Giga Blaster Attacks with a organic missle 18
Giga Byte Wing Foes can't recover status 20
Giga Cannon Attacks till MP runs out 60
Grisly Wing Attacks with flying bats 40
Hail Storm Attacks with an ice spear 8
Harpoon Torpedo Shoots a horn missile 10
Heaven's Arrow Attacks with a lightspeed arrow 16
Howling Blaster Shoots blue flame 12
Howling Crusher No counter, claw attack 30
Hydro Blaster Shoots highpressure water]] 10
Hyper Cannon Fires a cannon 10
Hyper Heat High heat attack 10
Ice Blast Shoots ice blades at all foes 18
Icicle Shot Shoots icicle at foes 10
Inferno Missle Fires missiles at all foes]] 80
Iron Drill Spin Attacks with an iron drill]] 10
Junk Chunker Shoots poop at enemies 12
Legendary Blade Sonic attack hits all foes]] 70
Lightning Blade Lightning blade hits all foes 24
Lightning Blast Fires a electric burst 20
Lightning Paw Attacks with claws 10
Lightning Spear Fires a lightning bolt 16
Magical Tail Throws a spear at a foe 18
Marching Fishes Attacks with a school of fishes 6
Mega Bone Stick Attacks all foes with needles 14
Mega Fire Energy blasts all foes 84
Metal Fireball Shoots metal fireballs at all foes 32
Meteor Wing Attacks all foes with fireballs 18
Musical Fist Foes may recover 12
Needle Squall Shoots spines at all foes 80
Ninja Flower Shoots a flower shuriken 30
Nova Blast Attacks with a fireball 12
Ocean Love Disables foes strong techs]] 30
Party Time Power increases when poisoned 10
Pepper Breath Small fireball attack 8
Pit Pelter Attack all foes with cherries 0
Poison Ivy Poisons foe with poison ivy 8
Pretty Attack Disables foes strong techs]] 20
Protect Grenade Fires a homing missile 12
Pulse Blast Lower foes offensive power]] 12
Pummel Peck Sends minikiwimon 10
Puppet Pummel Explosive hammer attack 32
Rain of Pollen Attacks with pollen 6
Rock Fist Attacks with a big rock 8
Rose Spear Hosomi punch all enemies 60
Royal Smasher Shoots egg at foe]] 14
SBone Crusher Spinning bone hits all foes 70
SThunder Smack Randomly hits foes with lightning bolt 6
Sad Water Blast Hits all foes with sad water]] 80
Scissor Claw May lower defense]] 12
Scissor Magic Scissor claw attack 6
Shadow Scythe Hits again if foe is stun/faints 20
Slamming Tusk Throws a quick punch 12
Solar Ray Fires an energy burst 8
Sonic Crusher Sonic blow confuses foe 12
Spinning Needle Hits resting enemies harder 10
Spiral Saw Attacks with back fin 8
Spiral Twister Attacks with a twister 6
Spurting Ink Shoots black ink at foe 10
Strong Carapace Shoots spikes at all foes 12
Stun Bubble Confuses foe with bubbles 8
Stun Flame Shot Stuns foe with flame 12
SubzeroIce Punch Powers up with repeated use 10
Super Shocker Randomly attacks a enemy 6
Super Slap Attacks with a fin slap 6
Tentacle Claw Throws a 3point spear 16
Terra Force Fires powerful energy shots 40
Thunder Ray Fires a thunder bolt 10
Tidal Wave Lowers all foes offensive power 36
Tomahawk Crunch Throws axes at all enemies]] 60
Toy Flame Shoots flame blocks 6
Transcend Sword Powerful on resting enemies 38
TriHorn Attack Attacks with a horn 16
Trick or Threat Hits all foes with no defense 30
Triple Forces Fires energy bursts at all foes 18
Trump Sword Unstoppable sword throw 30
Tusk Crusher Crushes foes who gets caught]] 18
VNova Blast Hits foes about to counter]] 10
VWing Blade Hits resting enemies harder 18
Vee Head Butt A head butt attack 8
Volcanic Strike Shoots fireballs 12
Vulcan's Hammer Hits all foes with a hammer 28
Waking Dream Attacks with a nightmare 4
Wolf Claw Attacks with claws 16
XScissor Claw Attacks with a claw 40
Name Description MP
Beast King Fist Returns damage on counter 12
Buffalo Breath Confuses foe on counter 10
Energetic Bomb Counterattack hits all foes 20
Meteor Stream Counterattack hits all foes 12
Needle Spray Counterattack poisons foe 10
Ninja Knife Throw Raises counterattack power 10
Pummel Whack Use foe's MP for counter 20
Smiley Bomb Attack stronger when counter 16
Smiley Warhead Counterattack hits all foes 40
Tail Blade Avoids attack while resting 18
Thunder Ball Stuns foe in counterattack 10
Name Description MP
Chrono Breaker Delays foe's attack 14
Electro Shocker Attacks and lowers tech power 12
Giga Scissor Claw Disables enemy attack 40
Horn Buster Attacks and lowers tech power 20
Life Shield Lowers tech power 6
MP Destroyer Weakens foe's attack. Suck MP 12
MP Magic Recovers MP used for tech 4
Venom Infusion Stuns enemy with fear 40
Wing Blade Fires a vaccum blade 20
Name Description MP
AntiDote Cures 1 of your digi of poison 12
AntiConfusion Cures 1 of your digi of confusion 12
AntiFreeze Cures 1 of your digi of paralyze 12
Armor Coating Boosts 1 of your digi's attack 10
Banana Slip Trips all resting enemies 60
Blaze Buster Add flame effects to attack 10
Crimson Flame Revives 1 of your digi to Full HP 50
Darkness Ray Learns darkness abilities 10
Defensive Ray Boosts 1 of your digi's defense 10
Full HP Cure Heals all your digi to full HP 80
Full Recovery Heals 1 of your digi to full HP 18
Fungus Cruncher Poisons foe when attacked 8
Heart Break Hit Weakens all Data digimon 36
HP Recovery Heals all your digi 150 HP 24
Hung on Death Revives zombied digimon 20
Hyper Flashing Weakens all Vaccine digimon 36
Invincibility Makes your digimon unbeatable 20
Invisibility Excludes from enemy attack 8
Kongou Makes your digimon unbeatable 16
Mech Ray Gives machine FX ability 10
Mega Heal Heals 1 of your digi 150 HP 12
Nature Hit Ray Adds nature effects on digimon 10
Necro Magic Sucks MP of all stunned digimon 0
Panic Wave Gives confusion ability to attack 10
Parameter Patch Recovers digimon's parameters 12
Poison Wave Gives poison ability to attack 26
Recovery Power Cures confusion, stun & poison 36
ReFormat Resets all foe's parameters 40
ReInitialise Resets a foes's parameters 12
Rotten Rainballs Gives poison effect to attack 8
Small HP Cure Heals 1 of your digi 50 HP 6
Stun Ray Adds stun effect to attack 10
Virus Attack Weakens all Virus Digimon 36
Water Ray Adds water FX to attack 10
Zen Recovery Full parameter recovery 40
Zip Boom Boosts digimon's speed 12

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