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SCSI Domain
Boss Hagurumon
Objective Defeat Hagurumon
Floors 4

SCSI Domain is your second mission, and your player characters first solo mission. After talking to your team leader, you will be given the task of defeating Hagurumon at SCSI domain.


[edit] Digimon Found

Digimon EL Attack Level Type EXP Bits Floor
Tapirmon.jpg Tapirmon 1 Waking Dream Rookie Vaccine 3 60 1
Biyomon.jpg Biyomon 1 Spiral Twister Rookie Vaccine 3 30 1
Betamon.jpg Betamon 1 Electric Shock Rookie Virus 3 50 2
SnowGoburimon.jpg SnowGoburimon 1 Bolt Strike Rookie Virus 4 40 2
Crabmon.jpg Crabmon 1 Scissor Magic Rookie Data 4 40 3
Gabumon.jpg Gabumon 1 Blue Blaster Rookie Data 4 50 3

[edit] Boss

Digimon EL Attack Level Type EXP Bits Floor
Hagurumon.jpg Hagurumon Darkness Gear Rookie Virus 18 210 4

[edit] Tips

It is recommended that you build your starter to at least EL 6, before attempting to defeat the Hagurumon. It is recommended that you pick up a Biyomon and Gabumon at some point, so if you are able to buy the right kind of gift, take the time to get one now. SnowGoburimon is also a fairly decent fighter.

[edit] After the mission

After defeating Hagurumon, speak to your team leader to recieve your next mission, to defeat the bossess of Video and Disk Domains!

Boot Domain SCSI Domain Video Domain
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