Guilmon Comes Alive

A small Digimon is being chased by a larger Digimon in the Digital World. Just before the small Digimon is attacked by the large Digimon, another Digimon slams into the side of the attacking Digimon. Suddenly, a large explosion sends the small Digimon into the real world. In the next scene Takato is playing Digimon cards with his friend Kazu. Takato beats his friend, and after Kazu runs off Takato notices a blue card in his collection. He runs it through his Card Reader before rushing off to school. Because he is late, he is forced to wait in the hallway. In this time he doodles a Digimon which he calls Guilmon. After school he sees that a storm is coming and runs to get his Digimon cards. Once there, he realizes that his Card Reader had become a Digivice. He runs home, thinking of ideas as to why this happened. Finally, he comes to the conclusion that he must be a Digimon Tamer. In the morning, Takato notices a DigiEgg in the Digivice, and also that it has hatched. The Digivice leads him to a construction site, where he finds Guilmon. At first Takato is afraid because Guilmon blasts a nearby rat without any thought, but Guilmon convinces Takato that he won’t hurt him.

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