Japanese nameフェアリモン (Fairymon)
Special TechniqueBrezza Petalo (Petal Breeze)

Digivolution Line

Human HybridKazemon
Beast HybridZephyrmon
Fusion HybridJetSilphymon
Unified HybridEmperorGreymon
Ancient HybridSusanoomon

Kazemon (フェアリモン "Fairymon") is a human hybrid Digimon of the data type. It is a wind fairy with delicate, yet dangerous movements. Her butterfly-like wings allow her to soar in the sky and control air currents. Kazemon is considerably athletic and will not hesitate to use acrobatic moves to attack. It is one of the ten great warriors and represents the spirit of wind. Any being that activates the human Digi-Spirit of wind can potentially evolve into Kazemon. Her special attack, Brezza Petalo, summons small tornadoes from the tip of its fingers and uses them as a whip.

[edit] Anime Appearances

[edit] Digimon Frontier

Kazemon is one of the 2 Digi-Spirit under Seraphimon's control. It was found on the Wind Terminal and it was first used to confront a trio of rogue Mushroomon going rampart and threatening the local Floramon.

[edit] Game Appearances

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