Japanese Nameクワガーモン (Kuwagamon)
Special TechniqueScissor Claw

Digivolution Line


Kuwagamon (クワガーモン "Kuwagamon") is a champion insectoid Digimon of the virus type. Kuwagamon are large vicious beetles who stand up on two sole legs. They are also capable of flying with the wings they have on their back. Kuwagamon dislike fire, and will flee from the sight of it. They use their pincers on their heads for their special technique, Scissor Claw.

[edit] Anime Appearances

[edit] Digimon Adventure

Kuwagamon appeared on the first episode when the Digi-Destined first found their digimon. Kuwagamon wasn't a victim of any black gears, but it attacked the digi-destined anyway, being a natural-born predator.

Kuwagamon cornered the tamers and their digimon at the edge of the cliff, and the tamers digimon tried to drive Kuwagamon away, but they were only at their In-Training level forms at the time so their attacks had no effect.

It was a little later in the episode though that their digimon digivolved into their Rookie forms, and combining their special techniques, were able to take Kuwagamon down.

Or so they thought, soon after Kuwagamon re-appeared and attack the cliff edge with it's Scissor Claw technique, causing the cliff esge to break off, sending the tamers and digimon descending fast to a river.

Kuwagamon later appeared in Episode 18- The Piximon Cometh. As the Digi-Destined were argueing where to look, and where to rest after walking endless hours in the desert, Kuwagamon grabbed Tai and Agumon out from the the ground. Tai was too afraid to digivolve Agumon after the SkullGreymon incident, but Piximon came to save the day and destroyed Kuwagamon.

Kuwagamon's last appearance in the first season was in Episode 39- "The Battle for Earth", when the Digiworld appeared in the sky. As a plane tried to see what the Digiworld was, it broke down at the border, Kuwagamon making matters worse by causing damage to the plane. However, when Kabuterimon attacked it while Garudamon saved the plane, it went through like an illusion. Therefore, Kuwagamon escaped in the last encounter.

[edit] Game Appearances

[edit] Digimon World

Kuwagamon appears as a partner digimon. He isn't a boss digimon but can be battled in the arena in the Nature Cup and in the Beetle Land tournament.

A Kuwagamon will come to your Green Gym too, if Kabuterimon is already there. When Kuwagamon is at the Green Gym, training becomes slightly more effective.

Kuwagamon is obtainable from Kunemon or Palmon and can digivolve further into Piximon or HerculesKabuterimon. Kuwagamon may also special digivolve to Vademon if it's age reaches 15 days. When this requirement is fulfilled, there is a 50% chance of Kuwagamon digivolving to Vademon.

[edit] Digimon Digital Card Battle

Kuwagamon is a post-game card tamer the player can face. Its Head-on Collision deck is heavily oriented towards counterattacks and attack punishing.

Kuwagamon is also a playable card on this game. It is a campion nature card with "Triangle counter" set as its support effect.

[edit] Digimon World 2

Kuwagamon appears as a random enemy encounter and a possilble partner Digimon on this game. It is a nature champion Digimon of the virus type. Its special attack is set to Scissor Claw.

[edit] Digimon World 3

Kuwagamon is an enemy you can fight in this game. It appears in two different colourations, one red, one green.

Red Kuwagamon: Red Kuwagamon is the weaker of the two digimon. A few of the tamers between Asuka City and Seiryu City use Red Kuwagamon, and they are found wild in both Eastern and Western parts of the Wire Forest.

Green Kuwagamon: Green Kuwagamon is the stronger of the two. It is found in the same areas as the other Kuwagamon, after the point in the game where all of the previously weak digimon areas start to harbor stronger digimon.

You can also use Kuwagamon as a playable monster card in the Card Battle side quest.

[edit] Digimon World DS

Kuwagamon digivolves from Tentomon at level 13. It can then digivolve into Okuwamon at level 19.

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