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MAGASTA is a secret weapons facility in the Real World. It belongs to the A.o.A, who use it in Digimon World 2003/3 as the construction grounds for the mighty battleship, Juggernaut. The base is lightly guarded with only one security droid, but many strong Digimon live there. The Magasta base is hidden undersea, where no one could misuse the artillery constructed in there. But as A.o.A stormed the base, they stole all the control over there. Magasta is a basic 3-floor metallic weapon developing base, with two basement floors and one normal floor. There is a mainframe in the normal floor, which is used to control the Juggernaut. The Juggernaut can turn into Destromon if it's combined with Vemmon. The A.o.A knows that...

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