Marcus' Inner Strength

Yoshino drags Marcus and Agumon back to DATS for the return of Agumon back to the Digital World. Marcus keeps trying to plead for Agumon not to be sent back as they watch the PawnChessmon drop the Kokatorimon digi-egg into a machine for transport to the Digital World. As the PawnChessmon begin to drag Agumon into the machine Kamemon comes by with a kettle of boiling water and Marcus kicks it leaving steam all over the place. This gives Marcus and Agumon the chance to escape. As he escapes Marcus drops his digivice. As the two are out of the building Marcus hides Agumon under a box and walks to his home and hides him there. Sarah, Marcus' mom walks into the room while Agumon is clumped up in the closet. When she leaves Agumon comes out but Sarah comes back in and Agumon must hide behind the curtain and out in the Terrace. Kristy, Marcus' sister, finds Agumon and he scurries up to the roof where Marcus chases him and the two fall over and are knocked off the roof. When Marcus awakes in his room he find Agumon and Yoshino eating dinner like family. She tells Marcus that she must keep an eye on the two of them indefinably. She edns up taking Marcus' bed while Marcus himself and Agumon sleep on the floor. In the morning Marcus head off for school but on the way there at Kristy's school there seems to have been an attack since there are dozens of police officers. Before he can get there Yoshino return the digivice and explains how to hide Agumon in it. Kristy explains what happened and Marcus plans a stakeout to catch what could be a rouge digimon. During the night Marcus uses Agumon as bait in the torn cages. Kunemon appears and it seems he is the attacker. Lalamon tries to stop the Kunemon but is no match. As Lalamon lays on the floor Yoshino activates her digivice and use her fist to allow Lalamon to digivolve into Sunflowmon. As that happens Kunemon cocoons itself and digivolves into Flymon, using it's paralyze attack it stop Yoshino and Sunflowmon. Angered, Marcus punches the digimon in the face and allows Agumon to once more digivolve into GeoGreymon to defeat Flymon. The man who gave Marcus his digivce appears again and explains of all the battles waiting in the digital world. The next morning Marcus and Agumon beg Commander Sampson to join DATS which he accepts dropping the "charges" on Agumon.

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