Mimi Tachikawa

Mimi Tachikawa is a fictional character in the popular comic and anime series, Digimon. She is partnered with Palmon and is generally the "girly girl" of the group. While her prissy behaviour holds her back, she is caring, artistic and sensitive. She enjoys singing, fashion and shopping. In the first season of the anime, she is rarely seen without her pink cowboy hat, and seems to develop a crush on fellow Digi-Destined, Joe. She bears the Crest of Sincerity.

[edit] The First Season

In the beginning of the first season, she is seen as shallow and superficial, always one to disregard power for looks. Mimi often points out how 'stylish' a newly Digivolved Digimon is or isn't, rather than taking note of the moral behind their Digivolution or their new power. However, her typical "valley girl" personality slowly fades as she learns more about herself and her friends. When she realizes her friends are in danger, and is finally sincere with herself, she sheds a tear (which becomes the symbol of her Crest). This allowed Togemon to evolve into Lilymon and protect her friends. Despite this, she later becomes overwhelmed when a group of Gekomon treat her as a princess, and begins acting selfishly and power-hungry. When Tai and Matt try to convince her to stop, she throws them in the dungeon and refuses to let them out until Sora convinces her otherwise. Due to her wide range of emotions and relatively flawed personality, she is one of the most realistic characters in the first season.

[edit] The Second Season

In the second season, Mimi plays a much smaller role. Between the two seasons, her family relocated from Japan to New York in the United States. For this reason, she is absent for much of the season and only makes a few appearances throughout. However, she has changed dramatically since the first season. She has given up her pink cowgirl outfit for more modern clothes - a red white and blue shirt with a star, which shows her stomach, and a white skirt with white boots and red straps - and cut her hair. In addition, her hair has been dyed a bubblegum pink colour. She appears to act less shallow, though still stays true to the character which she became in the first season.

[edit] Later in Life

While she originally aspired to be a singer as shown in the first season, Mimi became a successful and famous chef by the year 2027. Her cooking show is broadcast worldwide and she has a large fan base. Palmon often helps her on her show, but unfortunately appears to be rather clumsy. Her attention to appearance hasn't faltered at all, and she is still evidently very beautiful. She has a son who looks a fair bit like her, who will eventually get his own Digimon as well.

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