Much Ado About Musyamon

Rika, upset, throws everything Digimon-related away. Then, in an unbelievable upset, Takato manages to defeat Kazu at the Digimon Card game. Bragging, he tells Kazu how he has real-life experience. When a digital field appears, Henry and Terriermon investigate. However, Henry forbids Terriermon to fight, and has to pull Terriermon away when he tries to fight anyway. It turns out that there was no need to fight though, because Yamaki uses Yuggoth to defeat the field. While Henry is trying to tell Terriermon the reason he is not allowed to fight, Suzie comes by and begins to play with the now inanimate Terriermon. Meanwhile, Renamon finds Henry and tells him that she wants to be friends with Rika. However, when Henry asks why they were chosen to be Tamers for the Digimon that they were given, Renamon had no answer. At school, Kazu easily defeats Takato at the card game. Takato gets upset, claiming that he has real-life experience and that he deserved to win. He gets so upset that he shows Kazu and Guilmon, who sneezes and scares Kazu away. Guilmon then senses that Musyamon is close by again. So, Henry and Takato find him and begin to fight. Takato swipes card after card, but nothing is working against Musyamon. Finally, Henry allows Terriermon to fight and he Digivolves to Gargomon. Gargomon defeats Musyamon, and then Henry apologises to Gargomon for not letting him fight. Takato then apologises to Guilmon for swiping so many cards.

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