My Sister's Keeper

The desert heat proves to be to much on young Kari. She collapses on the desert ground and Tai becomes angry with himself that a few years ago her death was very near for his own carelessness of her. As her recalls, all he wanted to do was play soccer while his sister was home sick. And rather than staying home like he was supposed to he instead took her out and played soccer with friends and she ended up going to the hospital. Kabuterimon carries the team to a nearby city where Kari can rest while Tai and the others search for some medicine. Izzy, being the internet genius that he is tracks down the perfect medicine only to have Machinedramon trace the signal and track them down. Izzy once again uses his skills to throw Machinedramon and his forces off track and he and Tai manage to escape with the medicine. The two return to find that the sanctuary where Kari was being kept safe by Gatomon is being bombarded with missiles. The others narrowly escaped the blast only to run into another building for hiding which Machinedramon once again destroys.

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