NeoCrimson is an experimental cyborg Digimon created by OverLord GAIA in the events of Digimon World 2. It was a test combination created by merging Crimson (matrix ID 04XY) and the Chaos-series Digimon, which are ChaosLord and the Chaos Generals. Crimson used this form as a last resort to defeat the Guard Tamer Akira, although ultimately failed. It was only after his defeat that Crimson realized that his mind had been influenced by OverLord GAIA all along, and that it wasn't he himself who had been the great planner of events.

[edit] Appearance

NeoCrimson, as stated above, is a combination of the Chaos-series Digimon and Crimson. It is constructed by merging pieces from the Chaos Digimon and coloring them red to maintain a threatening feel.

Its body is mainly that of ChaosWarGreymon, but it has several modifications such as a full-metal upper torso, ChaosLord's feet, head and cannons which are placed directly on the traditional back shield of ChaosWarGreymon. Its left arm is also that of ChaosLord. It has two ribbons sticking out of its back, just like ChaosPiedmon, and it has ChaosMetalSeadramon's tail.

[edit] Battle Data


  • Blind Attack - Randomly hits any Digimon in the battle including himself
  • Giga Scissor Claw - Interrupts an enemy attack and makes it miss its target
  • Fungus Cruncher - Makes user become poisonous (anyone who attacks the caster while the effect is on will be poisoned)

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