Not As Seen on TV

Face to face with this huge Digimon, Takato fears for his life. However, Growlmon begins crying and tells Takato not to be afraid, even begging to be Guilmon again. Takato tries to get Growlmon to fit in the shed, but Growlmon gets stuck. This makes Takato realize that he has to get Growlmon to de-digivolve. His first attempt is to swipe the digivolve card backwards, but that doesn’t work. Next, he tries to work any excess data out of the Digimon, and even exercises alongside him at one point, but that doesn’t work either. His last resort is to leave Growlmon overnight and hope that he changes back, although he knows that it is unlikely. In the night, Takato finds Growlmon and Calumon outside his window. Worried, Takato calls Henry and they decide to leave Growlmon in the tunnel where Guilmon had begun to disappear before. However, Impmon stumbles upon Growlmon in the tunnel and chases him out. Exhausted, Growlmon collapses on the playground, and Takato finds him there the next day. Takato’s last resort is to camouflage Growlmon using green and brown paint. Rika shows up and tells them it won’t work, having Renamon find Growlmon in an instant. Soon after, it begins to rain, washing the paint off Growlmon. When Takato starts to cry, claiming that he can never do anything right. When the storm ends, a rainbow appears, and Growlmon returns to Guilmon.

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